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Director of Content Strategy, All Star Directories

Who:  All Star Directories
Position: Director of Content Strategy
Where: Seattle
The All Star Directories Marketing Department is looking for a Director of Content Strategy to join our team.  Reporting to the VP of Marketing, the Director of Content Strategy will direct our strategic content vision and goals, will establish plans to meet these goals, and will produce and procure content from a multitude of different sources. This is not a writer or editor role. The Director will collaborate with our product development and marketing teams to integrate and continually evolve compelling content, features, format, functionality and engagement for All Star’s various target audiences. Keep a finger on the pulse, be a thought leader, employ analytics, and demonstrate solid business acumen.
What You Bring to the Table

The ideal candidate has a strong mix of technical and organizational skills. These include:

•Minimum seven years of relevant experience, with greater emphasis given towards roles with organizations whose livelihood depends on content marketing
•Ability to act and think strategically with a perspective that is informed by data analysis plus consumer content consumption patterns
•Experience with SEO, tracking and trend analysis, page rank and page view metrics, and/or other web analytics to guide content offerings that include blogs, video, audio, infographics, PR, branding and other short-form communications
•Experience with viral and/or social graph marketing and messaging ecosystems or expertise in building online communities a plus
•Must demonstrate a strong interest in applying new technologies and business models to drive new and repeat consumer interactions based on content
•Impressive skills: multi-tasking, ideation, content programming, project management, problem solving
•Impressive style: energetic, creative, decisive, persuasive, “can-do” attitude

And Don’t Forget to Bring This:
•Strong personal and professional initiative
•Strong and demonstrated desire to learn and grow and develop
•Focus on the success of the team and organization
•Desire to be part of a strong and tight-knit team with a focus on professional and personal development
•Willingness to look beyond titles and go above and beyond to do what needs to be don

Contact: Apply now by emailing jobs@allstardirectories.com. When submitting your resume, please also include any URL’s that represent a property where you had strategic responsibility for the entire site. We are searching for someone who can manage an entire website and continue to generate new content.