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Senior Project Lead, Razorfish

Who: Razorfish
Position: Senior Project Lead
Where: Seattdle
Razorfish is one of the largest interactive agencies in the world and currently has more than 2,000 employees in 20 offices in seven countries (Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) focusing exclusively on digital marketing and technology. Each office is filled with opportunities for people who want to invent the digital future. It’s a big challenge, but it’s a big Internet, and there’s work to be done. We are seeking an entrepreneurial Senior Project Lead to join our rapidly growing Delivery team.

Responsibilities: The Senior Project Lead provides structure on our projects, gathering data, analyzing options and designs, creating work packages (reports) or program level software (specifications or code) to support development of new e-commerce initiatives.

  • Fiscal Responsibilities- Provides estimates for proposal and project work efforts. Manages to assigned resource/budget levels
  • Recruiting- Interviews candidates – primary emphasis on technical proficiency
  • Leadership- Provides primary direction, guidance and priority setting at team level. Establishes process/content leadership with client peers, senior management, and peers within other company competency groups. Clarifies roles, assignments and delivery requirements for team members. Mentors SPA’s and staff in PM craft skills. Able to teach PM related methods and practices to client and company staff. Able to lead client management through detail and summarized work steps of project plan. Able to provide quality assurance, content guidance, and oversight for project deliverables/delivery components
  • Client Management- Interacts with senior client management and some executive level exposure regarding project scope, status, and deliverables. Primary point of contact for issue resolution. Helps define company position and primary channel for communicating that position within project and client team. Cultivates peer and higher level client and prospect relationships
  • Business Development- Coordinates data gathering and proposal activities. Primary for on-site interviews or surveys. May participate in “first call” prospect visits, normally as a subject matter expert
  • Content Knowledge- Demonstrated mastery of data analysis and statistical modeling techniques. Ability to develop & implement client/project specific DM processes related to change management, end-user communications, scope control, issues management and project administration. Demonstrated understanding of verbal, written, and graphic presentation/reports methods & practices associated with reporting project status. Ability to define format and content of project deliverables/documentation. Ability to mentor staff in project management craft skills. Demonstrated mastery of project estimating and resource management methods & practices. Possesses ability to identify application of new trends in e-commerce to client specific engagement
  • Problem Solving- Primary responsibility for solving/resolving issues at team level. Finds solutions to current problems and able to extrapolate anticipated problems and issues across work steps, disciplines and business functions. Guides problem solving activities at peer and senior client management level and able to facilitate client management level problem solving sessions. Opportunity to create innovated approaches and solve new problems
  • Decision Making- Actively participates in decision making process related to work process or deliverable content within project context. Primary decision maker at team level. Makes decisions based upon broad intent of methods and practices and understanding of objective to be achieved. Viewed by client as able to commit company to course of action only with context of scope of work assigned to team – consequently may impact success of company’s internal operations, reputation, or financial performance. Directs and reviews decisions made by consulting and client staff
  • Data Gathering (Sourcing)- Defines objective of search and coordinates across team to ensure understanding of search objectives. Analyzes summarized search results, validates conclusions, and prepares initial recommendations. Reviews same with client peer management to achieve acceptance or revision. Identifies new methods, practices and sourcing options. Mentors consulting staff in data gathering techniques and tools.
  • Data Gathering (Interviewing & Site Surveys / Visits)- Defines objective of interviews and coordinates across team to ensure understanding. Analyzes summarized results, validates conclusions, and prepares initial recommendations. Reviews same with client peer management to achieve acceptance or revision. Works with client management peer to identify appropriate interview candidates and site survey locations. Primary resource for leading interviews at client supervisory and management levels. Identifies new methods, practices for interviewing and performing site surveys. Primary responsibility for coordinating and conducting third party, external site visits. Assures follow-up of commitments made during interviews and surveys. Mentors consulting staff in interviewing and site survey techniques and tools.
  • Verbal Presentation- Able to deliver entire presentation or report to peer level clients. Primary responsibility for orchestrating product demo or system prototype. May be asked to participate in delivery of proposal or final report presentation. Mentors consulting staff on presentation craft skills.
  • Written Presentation- Primary responsibility for defining detail content and structure of entire document. Assures content quality and relevance of delivered product. Manages process to develop & deliver document. Assures client agreement with relevance, content and acceptance of document to include obtaining sign-off at client peer level.
  • Project Administration- Demonstrated mastery of PA tools and techniques. Assures maintenance, accuracy, and timeliness of team level issues, action items, change control within approved tools. Assures compliance with PA standards within team. Analyzes initial update of project plans and resolves status and resource allocation issues within scope of team — identifies issues which may impact scope, quality, or delivery of project (outside scope of control) and ensures appropriate communication to company and client management. Tracks team progress against project critical path and identifies issues or actions impacting or causing change – takes action as appropriate within scope of authority. Responsible for generating team level status reports. Leads project status meeting and primary communications channel to team and client peer management regarding project status. Suggests new PA methods, tools and techniques. May lead post-project post mortem and archiving project deliverables and artifacts. Defines team documents will be maintained in project “library”. Mentors consulting staff and client peers on PA frameworks and methods. May be assigned to office/ region PMO as lead PM and perform assurance role and responsibilities across multiple projects. Mentors peer clients in CPM relevance and use.
  • Product Delivery- Able to mentor consulting staff in RUP methods and practices. Assures team level compliance with RUP and DM methods and practices. Interacts with competency group peers to define and customize RUP processes and products for specific project needs. Responsible for ensuring delivery of team assigned RUP work product within project timeline and budget. Supports other competency group peers in definition, use and acceptance of work product by client peers and senior management.
  • Change Management & Scope Control- Ensures client peer acceptance of impact analysis and scope changes to project timelines, budget and resource allocation. Resolves issues at team level impacting scope or change in requirements. Assures team compliance with change management methods and processes. Mentors consulting staff in change management methods and practices. Assures client and team understanding of current phase/activity statement of work. Identifies potential changes in scope or new requirements outside of immediate team control.
  • Resource Management- Able to mentor staff in the tools and techniques of resource modeling and estimating for small scale projects. Works with SPA’s to develop detailed resource plan for current phase of projects. Identifies candidates for assignment to team. Provides information to SPA’s and Project Management Office (PMO) expected resource needs and expenditures associated with current and next phase of team work. Manages resource expenditures within approved staffing plan and project budget. Provides input to SPA’s and PMO for risk analyses and contingency planning.
  • Knowledge Management- Assures content accuracy and filtering of team level artifacts and deliverables prior to harvesting. May supervise post-project harvesting. Provides input to methods, practices and tools associated with knowledge management.
  • Reporting & Measurement- Provides input to SPA’s or PMO for performance measurement reporting. Reviews and assures team level results. Provides input for new methods, practices, procedures and tools associated with performance measurement and progress reporting. Able to mentor consulting staff in progress reporting and performance measurement methods, practices, and tools.


  • 3-6 years technology development experience or consulting experience, preferably in technology field.
  • 1-3 years project component leadership and/or management experience.
  • Experience with maintenance projects, website deployments & creating detailed schedules for teams to consume.
  • Managed at least one project involving internet technology.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a team of 3 to 8 in addition to or including remote teams.
  • Proficiency in MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Project.
  • Team building and effective listening are important skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership in problem solving frameworks and practices, able to apply new methods or existing methods to new situations.
  • PMP/Project management certifications a plus.

At Razorfish, the Internet is not a hobby. Technology is not something we dabble in. And digital design is not a sideline while we create print ads or television commercials. We were born digital, passionate about blending art and science, about defying the edge of what is possible. We got to be #1 because we believed — and still do — in the power of the Web to transform lives, and brands.

Contact: If interested, please apply online at http://track.tmpservice.com/ApplyClick.aspx?id=1130949-1812-5295

If interested, please apply online at http://track.tmpservice.com/ApplyClick.aspx?id=1130949-1812-5295