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Senior Designer, Redfin

Who: Redfin
Position:  Senior Designer
Where: Seattle
What: Redfin started with the best real estate site then we hired and partnered with the best real estate agents. Now, Redfin is seeking a great designer to develop a world-class brand both online and offline. We would prefer to hire someone in a senior role, but can adjust the scope of the position to accommodate anyone with a gorgeous portfolio, high standards, and a passion for delighting customers.

Requirements: To succeed, you’d need to be:

* A creative customer advocate: zeal for building an addictive, delightful user experience, and the instinct to identify with the customer
* Entrepreneurial: value speed, creativity and common-sense, able to initiate and willing to work hard
* Coolhunter: currency with what’s happening on the frontiers of the Internet that’s really powerful and cool
* A simplicity sensei: able to distill complicated info down to its essence, yet give the full bodied taste for those who crave the data
* Process-oriented: the attention to detail to make sure projects proceed without a hitch

Before you apply, make sure you’ve got:
* 3+ years of web design experience; experience on interactive projects is a plus.
* Gorgeous web and print portfolio
* Great communication and collaboration skills
* Creative and flexible mind that generates fantastic ideas across the design spectrum
* Expert with standard design tools including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign (or equivalents).

Redfin has twice made Time Magazine’s list of Top 50 websites (in 2007 and 2009). Do you have what it takes to keep us there?

Contact: To apply, send your resume and portfolio to Sophia.gray@redfin.com and include “Designer” in the subject line. Be sure to tell us how you think we can make our site more beautiful/purposeful for the consumer.