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Saving Green on Amazon Prime Day — It’s a Cinch With Finch.

Amazon shopping has created a mind-boggling dimension of choice for armchair shoppers.  The conspicuous consumer knows that installing the right digital apps and extensions can help generate a more informed shopping experience while also saving money.

How cool would it be if you could turn your Web browser into a Wowser by helping reduce the global warming potential of the planet and lower your carbon footprint while you shop?  

Say hello to Finch, the makers of a new tool that ranks household products sold on Amazon according to environmental and social impact.The company has launched a new Chrome extension that  clues shoppers in on potential purchases when browsing on Amazon, be it on Prime Day or any day of the week .

Finch simplifies the science of smarter shopping, category by category, based on six environmental impacts and real reviews. No jargon, no blanket claims or wishy-washy statements.  The technology cuts through the greenwash by analyzing company-level and product-level data for six interconnected environmental measures.

The company’s Website provides Wise Guides that furnish the reliably simple and efficient intel you need to make informed choices when shopping.  From The Best Eco Friendly Bar Soap to Paper Towels, Laundry detergent to Sunscreen. Quarterly “Best Of” Product Awards honor the most sustainable items across personal-care and home categories.

Certifiably Safe and Sound

The Finch algorithm factors in the top three certifications in its science-backed rating system:

The Fair Trade certification ​​works on the ground with suppliers to ensure that people making Fair Trade-Certified products work in safe conditions, protect the environment, and earn additional money to empower their communities. 

An EPA Safer Choice label indicates that the chemicals in a product have been reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency to meet strict safety criteria for both human and environmental health.

The Made Safe program is a nonprofit organization that has created a product certification to identify products that aren’t “toxic” to human and planetary health.   Made Safe certification ensures that a product is made without any chemicals found to be harmful, according to its ingredient database.

At Finch, our goal is to equip people with the x-ray vision to see through the bullsh*t and the know-how to choose wisely,” advises founder and CEO Lizzie Horvitz.

Founder Lizzie Horvitz

In 2017, Horvitz started a blog to share her research and help people make more sustainable choices. “More and more questions flooded in, and people I didn’t know started following along. That’s when it hit me: Most of us want to do better, but we aren’t sure where to start. This isn’t about believing in climate change, it’s about understanding it. This is what led to Finch.”

She is the first to admit, that at the end of the day, consumerism in any form won’t solve the problem by itself, but she firmly believes that we all have a role to play. Understanding the science of sustainability gives control back to people as citizens, not just as consumers.

Give Finch a try to see how you could be shopping smarter, staying curious, and taking action. Learn more at choosefinch.com — because we have a planet to save. [24×7]

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