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Today is Day One of Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud and Photosynth 360 in the iTunes App Store

Today is a red-letter day for anyone who wants to test the Microsoft Office 365 suite of productivity applications.  While it’s possible that you will be able to rent Office 365 online at some point in the future, you can download the beta program edition today absolutely free.

The public beta of Office 365 combines Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Lync Online to provide a cloud-based, always-available document and communications system that’s available from anywhere users can connect to the Internet—and the public beta is available in 38 countries and 17 languages for people to try out.

“We’ve been in the cloud for years supporting large enterprises such as Shell and DuPont, but Office 365 takes that same technology power and delivers it to small businesses,” said Microsoft Office corporate VP Kirk Koenigsbauer, in a statement. “More than 70 percent of the people who signed up for the limited beta were small businesses, so it clearly strikes a chord.”

Office 365 brings together Microsoft’s suite of Office with hosted SharePoint and Exchange services to enable collaboration and communication, all held together by Microsoft Lync. Office 365 can be used for everything from creating speadsheets, word processor documents, presentations, and public Web sites to email, instant messaging, and online meetings. Microsoft is using its ForeFront security technology to make sure information and materials stored in the service remain secure from prying eyes, and promised Office 365 will have 99.9 percent uptime.

In another Microsoft first, the company’s revolutionary photo-stitching technology for blending panoramic landscapes and creating 360 wrap-around views has emerged, of all places, on the Apple iStore.  With Office 360 in the cloud and Photosynth mobile panoramas in the palm of your hand, the company is as omnipresent as ever.  [24×7]

Sonics Karmageddon and NBA Hypocralypse : Ball Stealer Clay Bennett Is Named Head of NBA’s Relocation Committee

Yes, we’re still inflamed. Who wouldn’t be? As reported by the Seattle Weekly,  Howard Schultz refuses to deal with bitter Sonic fans who want to voice their disapproval with Schultz’s  “my- million-for-sell-out-trumps-your home-town team,” the Starbucks chairman could not restrain his  own yapper at a book signing for his self-aggrandizing new book.  As reported on Dave Grosby’s radio show on ESPN 710-AM,Schultz ripped Sonic legend Gary Payton for being selfish during a book event in Chicago. Amazingly, that’s not the scariest sign of the NBA Hypocralypse to fall at Schultze’s footsteps and door, as the league has named Clay Bennett to head up its relocation committee.

Should there now be no disapprobation that the NBA would name the league’s most recent expansion team ownership as the head of its relocation committee?  Clearly, this appointment is inherently stilted and inappropriate. Indeed, it calls into question Stern’s judgment and fairness as NBA Commissioner  Our amicus brief reads as follows:  It is self-evident that Commissioner Stern picked the owner with the most experience in the capacity of relocation, a critical post in light of the Sacramento Kings’ threatened move to Anaheim We believe hijacking an NBA franchise should be subject to the highest scrutiny, and the head of the relocation committee should at least be able to feign the role of protectionist.

Let’s bring NBA Commissioner David Stern to testify about his relationship with Clay Bennet before, during and after the relocation of the Seattle Supersonics, subject to his sworn testimony and forensic investigation. Only then can we put this matter in the backcourt. [24×7]

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