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The Social Network, IMDB’s A-List, Twitter’s VIP-List, PPM’s PS-List

IMDB Celebrating 20 years of Film History in Seattle on October 17th

Catch The Social Network or Catfish this weekend? The medium has now become the message in these two new, coming-of-social-media-age “click flicks,” and in the click of time to celebrate the Internet Movie Database (IMDB’s) 20-year anniversary.

In honor of that milestone, the Seattle-based IMDb.com, Inc. (www.imdb.com), recognized as the authoritative source of information on movies, TV and celebrities, and part of the Amazon.com, Inc. group of companies, has  announced and launched IMDb20, the company’s 20-year anniversary campaign.

Now, through Oct. 17, 2010,  IMDb is treating fans to an original video interview with a different A-list artist each day. The goal of the online countdown and companion editorial section is to celebrate the films of the past 20 years.

“We are humbled by the fan and industry support we have received over the past 20 years,” said Col Needham, IMDb’s founder and CEO. “With our first-ever foray into original video content, we’re celebrating our collective love of film and bringing fans even closer to their favorite artists.”

Fans can tune in each day at www.imdb.com/20 to watch the IMDb Star of the Day video interview. Users will be invited to create their own Top 20 film lists via IMDb’s just-launched list-making tool. Fans can also conveniently share lists and the original celebrity video interview of the day on a variety of social networks. [24×7]

Tweet Street
When an industry visionary feathers a new nest on Twitter, our tweet lust is tweaked (tweaked tweets?), not just for the fresh flow of ideas  and editorial plums to be picked, but for the author’s sharing  his or her personal brain trust, the fellow samurai whom the new Twitter warrior chooses to follow. As we like to say, “You can judge a person by the company he tweeps.”
So when Paul Allen began tweeting last week  at @PaulGAllen , it was like a new listening post had been opened for the worlds of music, NFL football, NBA hoops and the environment.  So who does the Vulcan Venturer count as his Twitter faves?  There’s Allen’s local businesses of course, @SeatleCineramadome, the Experience Music Project and Sci Fi Hall of Fame, the Seahawks (@PeteCarroll, @matthasselbeck), the NBA Trailblazers (@Brandon_Roy7), and of course the former college roomate and business partner, (@billgates). Chirp in and join the conversation!  [24×7]

Sound Project Management
Where would the construction of online project management be without Seattle brain cranes? It’s been more than a decade since Microsoft Project showed the world how the inside of the early project management console look like a Boeing 747 flight simulator.

Eproject, now Daptiv, paved the way for Seattle-borne PPM (Project Portfolio Management) by offering on demand collaboration online and The Omni Group elevated its suite of planning and management software onto new platforms like the iPhone and iPad. Smart Project Management Software took its place in the pantheon of great PM services with offerings from LiquidPlanner and SmartSheet, a Google App.

Now a new category of social collaboration software is breaking through the grid from companies like Bellevue’s OneHub and  MangoSpring.   So wherever your project may be playing, big screen or small, the Emerald City has likely been your projector. [24×7]

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