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iPad Lands in Seattle, Drinks Latte App!

It’s a slate. It’s a micro-tablet. It’s a “Kindle killer” in sheep’s clothing. No, it’s the much heralded Apple iPad, the newfangled “talk to” and “”talk with” the hand Internet surf board and ultra-portable form factor that Tom Cruise gesticulated wildly about in the film Minority Report.

The “mouse underr glass” tablet for which nothing seems “Mission Impossible,” from E-reading “Winnie-the-Pooh” to smashing an air hockey puck into the net, to videoplaying the season finale of Lost, to touch typing a Tweet, arrived in stores this weekend. So how does the “Pad-wan earner” stack up in the Emerald City?

Starbucks has already begun testing an iPad application that will enable you to pay for coffee with a finger swipe and check your Starbiuck’s card balance at the same time.

Amazon has shipped its coveted Kindle app for the iPad making it possible for customers of the big A to digest their Amazon-acquired book titles on the new iPad. Smooth move, A-zoniians!

Seattle’s Big Oven was one of the first iPad App developers to think outside the box and the living room by breaking into the kitchen. The popular online recipe service sold nearly 100 App-etziers before the very first iPad left an Apple Store.

PopCap Games has already achieved veritable cult status with its Plants vs, Zombies video game, branded one of the most addictive pastimes to hit casual gaming since Chess. On a more serious note, the Omni Group’s OmniGraffle is one of the most talked about business applications to cross the birdge from iPhone app to $49.99 business app.

Zillow.com may prove to be the most consequential iPad app, at least for the resurgent Seattle home buyer awakening from the recession’s wintry slumber. With block-by-block satellite photo images to guide you through neighborhoods, it’s never been easier to home in a particular house for sale. and arrive at the right “zestimated” offer price. A “bird’s eye view in the hand” was never more attainablle.

Welcome, iPad, to the Silicon Forest. It’s good to finally lay our hands on you! [24×7]

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