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The Gates Notes and Tweets

While Steve Jobs is expected to take most of the media oxygen out of the air this week, (not since Moses has a tablet caused such a frenzy), perhaps to be eclipsed only by the State of the Union address on Wednesday by president Barack Obama, Bill Gates is coming out of retirement, not to announce steroid use during the home run years of Windows 95, ror to return to One Microsoft Way, but to launch his ides into the blogosphere and the Twitterverse as a new voice and a new social commentator.

TheGatesNotes.com is the Gates Foundation leader’s new online diary and @billgates is where you can catch Bill’s insights, in synthesized bursts of 140 characters or less.

Already Bill has been offered valuable SEO advice, this author included, since the new Blog doesn’t open without the canonical ‘www’, and can’t be found in the search results by Googling, er, Binging, “Bill Gates Blog.” That particular query turns up a dozen other locations where Bill is rumored to have posted. Alas,”The Gates Notes” is just a litle too oblique for an attention-winning Title Tag.

Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan who was up at Bing’s offices last week put on his consulting visor and jumped into the act by recommending the following Titles for the blog’s home page:

The Gates Notes – Official Blog Of Bill Gates

The Gates Notes – Official Bill Gates Blog

Official Bill Gates Blog – The Gates Notes

The suggested Meta Description Tag ought to read:

<meta name=”description” content=”The Gates Notes is the official blog of Bill Gates, where he writes on subjects he’s thinking about and that he’d like others to consider and learn about.” />

Let us hope that Mr. Gates can finally score the search engine visibility that has eluded him for so long and that he so richly deserves. [24×7]

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