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# NexusOne and the New Year

In a year that saw mobile Internet access break the broadband barrier, to head-turning, hand-turning 3G and 4G (Sprint) speeds, and the debut of the Google Android platform and the Google Nexus Smartphone about to break loose from (rumoured) T-Mobile, Seattle is reigning supreme as the hub of broadband, smartphone mobile telephony.

According to “All Things D,” Google had approached multiple carriers about supporting its new phone, which it designed itself and will be produced by Taiwan’s HTC.

But so far, only Bellevue-based T-Mobile has agreed to consider this arrangement and actively help push the phone, via various distribution channels and support infrastructure.

The Nexus One handset uses GSM technology, which means that in the U.S., only mobile customers who use AT&T or T-Mobile’s networks could use the “unlocked” phone anyway.

But, sources say Google’s decision to use GSM came only because Verizon Wireless, which uses the rival CDMA technology, has so far declined to help the company push the new phone.

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