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MSN Lite – More Social, Less Links

MSN is rolling out a sleek, modern-looking homepage with a lot of goodies and a lot of white space. Call it “MSN Lite,” with “Less Links, More Social” and a decidedly less cluttered appearance overall.

A big Bing search box is prominently featured next to the logo and above section tabs. That infamous powder blue has virtually disappeared.

In addition, users will now be able to update their Facebook and Twitter statuses from MSN.com while a module in the lower panel will feature geographically targeted links for jobs and headlines. The user’s Hotmail inbox will also be displayed on the right-hand side.

Display advertisers may be intrigued by a new horizontal top-of-page ad deemed “sliver” and a “waterfall” vertically oriented ad. The “showcase” 300 X 250 ad is also more attractively located and editorial content has been stripped from its proximity. [24×7]

Nordstrom Launches International Shopping in 30 Countries
Seattle-based Nordstrom, Inc. has introduced international shopping online to better serve customers globally. Customers outside and inside the U.S. can now browse and buy merchandise from nordstrom.com in different currencies and easily ship items to 30 countries.

Customers have the flexibility to ship to a particular country but pay in a separate currency. At checkout customers receive anestimated delivery timeframe, global tracking number, a guaranteed exchange rate at purchase and a complete order total including all applicable international duty, tax, and delivery costs. Available currencies for international shopping currently include the Canadian dollar (CAD), Euro (EURO), British pound (GBP), U.S. dollar (USD), Czech koruna (CZK), Danish krone (DKK), Estonian kroon (EEK), Hungarian forint (HUF), Latvian lats (LVL), Lithuanian litas (LTL), Polish zloty (PLN) and Swedish krona (SEK).

“We are excited about this opportunity to better serve our customers internationally,” said Jamie Nordstrom, president of Nordstrom Direct. “We’ve made it a lot easier for our customers abroad to shop from nordstrom.com.
Sending great fashion merchandise from Nordstrom to friends and family overseas is also more convenient than ever for our domestic customers. We will continue looking for ways to improve the shopping experience for customers, no matter where they live.” [24×7]

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