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Windows 7 Levels the Playing Field

Windows 7 has officially launched in retail and etail stores and inside of home brewed “Launch Parties” across the planet. In the British Isles, the launch of Windows 7 superseded everyone’s expectations, storming ahead of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as the biggest grossing pre-order product of all-time at Amazon.co.uk.At press time, Windows 7 is available for purchase worldwide! Compared to Apple’s recent update of its OS to Snow Leopard, most analysts agree the desktop lancscape GUI is as level as it has ever been.

Windows 7 is a “mulligan” for Microsoft following the off course drive of unpopular Vista. Lucky number Seven keeps what was good about Windows Vista, like security, stability and generous eye candy, and addresses much of what people disliked.

Upgrading from Vista is easy, but upgrading from Windows XP involves a “clean install”— moving all your programs and files off the hard drive, installing Windows 7, then copying everything back on again. It’s an all-day hassle that’s nobody’s idea of fun.

But there is fun in Windows 7! You can drag a window’s edge against the top or side of your screen to make it fill the whole screen or half of it. You can give a window a little shake with the mouse to minimize all other windows (or to bring them back again) when you need a quick look at your desktop. Touchscreen technology is also somewhat intuitive. Zooming in is just a matter of placing two fingers on the screen and spreading them apart. Pinch inwards to zoom out. All the important icons have been enlarged to make them easier to target and you can also indulge in a spot of finger-daubing in graphics program Paint. [24×7]

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