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Rise of the Cheezburger Network and Amazon Same Day Delivery

Seattle has a master of the photo humor meme. His name is Ben Huh.

The CEO of the Cheezburger Network of Seattle, is showing his frisky style of humor is much more than pet dander or hairballs. His artfully edited blend of User Generated Content works like virtual catnip. Huh’s growing blog empire, which is best known for I Can Haz Cheezburger (aka LOLcats) also includes Failblog, Engrish Funny, There I Fixed It, Roflrazzi, and a site just launched about cars that need fixin’ called That Will Buff Out.

“We’re just going through the process of creating content that makes people happy for just a few minutes a day,” Huh told AdAge magazine last week. “We are not trying to be a TV network; we’re not trying to be a big media company. We are growing small things that are gathering loyal audiences. When you show up and you want to laugh or take a break from your daily work, then we have this little blog for you. You go, load the page, you scroll, and you’re done.”

The Cheezburger Network has no direct sales force. “Our ads are sold through ad networks and rep firms, MTV Networks, Gorilla Nation, Technorati; and we just signed a deal with a company called Dogster, a pet-social-networking company. What we found is that we want to concentrate on the growth of the traffic. We can only do a few things really well, and we are already profitable.”


Want it Now? Amazon Introduces Same Day Delivery

Amazon.com is out to keep its its customers smiling by bringing instant gratification to those who want a product asap! The e-commerce leader is going the last mile, a place where Seattle comanies like HomeGrocer and MyLackey, among a slew of others, have tried and failed before. Amazon is out to express a different standard by introducing a new “Local Express Delivery Option.”

If your item qualifies and is ordered before 10 a.m. or 1 p.m. (depending on the city) Amazon will have it delivered on the same day. The service is rolling out in seven cities – New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, Baltimore, Las Vegas and Seattle.Amazon Prime members, who already pay $79 a year for free, two-day shipping, will find the new charges most palatable; same day delivery will cost only $6 extra per item. Non-Prime members will be subject to the: same day delivery cost of $15. [24×7]

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