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Foodista Launches, BlueKai Feasts on Funds

Planning a festive holiday table in the days ahead?

an innovative Seatttle-based Foodie website, is the first to organize and cross-link the basic elements of cooking:

From Foods, as they are produced naturally, or with minimal processing, likeeggs, salt, and apples; to Cooking Techniques: methods of preparing foods such as baking, peeling, and braising; to Kitchen Tools: all the gadgets and appliances used to make meals, includingsaucepans, chef’s knifes, and blenders; to Recipes: combinations of foods, tools, and techniques.
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Emphasizing the visual beauty of cooking, the website includes thousands of high resolution photos from Flickr.com. Creative Commons. Users can also upload their own photos.

With a focus on quality over quantity, Foodista developed a system to let anyone edit the site to make it better and instantly publish. “Wikipedia.org, Wikihow.com and the Internet Movie Database (IMDb.com) proved that everyday people can come together to build incrediblycomprehensive information resources online. We created a place for people excited about food to share their knowledge with the world,” said BarnabyDorfman, founder and CEO. [24×7]

BlueKai Lands $10.5 Million for Consumer Data Exchange
BlueKai, the Seattle-based developer of an online consumer data exchange for marketers, ad networks and publishers, announced on Tuesday that it has raised a new $10.5 million funding round, led by Battery Ventures.

BlueKai partners with data sellers to aggregate anonymous shopping and research behaviors across the Internet. The data is then auctioned to help buyers improve their online ad targeting campaigns.

“The future of online advertising is driven by behavioral targeting and its effectiveness relies on data,” said Satya Patel, Principal of Battery Ventures. “High quality targeting data is so critical that the online media industry is clearly moving toward purchasing data separately from media. BlueKai exploits this trend with a breakthrough business model that creates an economy around the value of quality data, and also establishes a consumer-friendly standard for collecting, classifying and defining data. We look forward to being a part of the team that changes how the industry thinks about data and its impact on online advertising.”

By aggregating valuable shopping and research activities across the Internet, BlueKai is building the world’s largest database of true intenders. Unlike ad networks, BlueKai does not sell ads or impressions, it simply provides data on-demand for marketers, ad networks or publishers to boost the quality and scale of ad targeting initiatives. Data providers earn revenue in a privacy friendly way. The BlueKai Registry enables consumers to see what marketers know about them, edit their online preferences and gain rewards in charitable donations. The privately-held company is based in Bellevue, WA with offices in Bellevue and the Bay Area. [24×7]

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