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Microhoo Aftermath and WhitePages

Doing the calculus in the aftermath of the aborted Yahoo-Microsoft deal, the numbers just don’t seem to add up. Like how could a company that is now hemorrhaging revenue and talent be less than satsfied with a $44 billion buy-out offer at a 40% premium over current stock value. Like why, instead of creating a viable force that could compete with Google for a larger share of the search market pie, Yahoo! now finds itself with mathematical Pi in the face as the equivalent of a commissioned Google superaffiliate. Like how, instead of bridging the talents of Microsoft’s brain trust with Yahoo’s maverick innovators, the turnstile at Yahoo is instead churning out top management talent.

First, Jeff Weiner, considered by many employees to be, after Jerry Yang, the spiritual leader of the company and the EVP of the Network Division decided to step down. Then Jeremy Zawodny, a longtime Yahoo spokesperson who launched the Yahoo! Search blog and started the Yahoo! Developer Network, announced he was taking leave.

Finally, Flickr cofounders (and husband/wife team) Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield also joined the mass exodus of executives from the company.

So, if the true worth of Yahoo, minus Microsoft in the picture, is a rapidly diminishing value then thumbing their noses at a $44 billion buy-out offer has to go down as the greatest blunder in M&A history. Bottom line: Which company, Microsoft or Yahoo, has the staying power to follow Search’s evolutionary march into the future? The one that is $44 billion dollars richer. [24×7]

Gannett Inc. Takes Stake in Cozi Group
Gannett Inc., looking for ways to counter falling advertising revenue at its newspapers, is expanding its Internet holdings.
The McLean-based publisher has paid an undisclosed sum for a minority stake in Cozi Group. Seattle-based Cozi runs a social networking site which Gannett says it will integrate into its television stations and newspapers’ existing online operations, including USA Today.

Cozi, which launched in 2006, offers free online planning services geared toward families. It has more than 600,000 subscribers, according to a statement issued by Gannett.

“Cozi has created a rich and relevant experience that helps families navigate their busy lives,” said Gannett vice president of design and innovation Michael Maness. “Our partnership powers a new platform to deliver our local content through a technology specifically designed for the family.” [24×7]

WhitePages.com to Power MSN’s White Pages Channel in the U.S

WhitePages.com will power MSN’s White Pages channel in the U.S. The new partnership, which replaces Bellevue’s Intellius in the role, provides millions of MSN users free access to WhitePage’s extensive database of more than 180 million U.S. adults, including more than 30 million at work listings.

Effective immediately, visitors to the MSN home page can access WhitePages.com information by clicking on the “White Pages” link in the site menu. MSN users have access to most of the basic people search services found on the WhitePages.com site including people search, reverse lookup, and area code and ZIP code lookup. MSN users will benefit from WhitePages.com’s high quality product offering including high match rates and the largest available database of at work listings. Users will also receive an enhanced consumer experience, which includes fresher, more accurate data, an intuitive user interface and comprehensive results.

“WhitePages.com is passionate about helping people find and connect with each other and this exciting partnership with MSN allows us to provide a simple way for the millions of MSN users to do just that,” said Max Bardon, president and COO of WhitePages.com. “Partnering with a respected brand like MSN is a natural fit for us and we’re enthusiastic about bringing their users the comprehensive and robust contact data that’s made WhitePages.com a trusted leader in people search.” [24×7]