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Widemile Coming in for a Landing (Page)

At last week’s Search Engine Strategies conference in New York City, Seattle-based Widemile Inc. announced the launch of a new Optimization platform that can reduce the time of testing landing page success to a fraction of other systems.”

“After years of intense development, we’re thrilled to now make our optimization technology and expertise available to leading search and interactive marketing firms,” said Robert Bergquist, Widemile CEO and President.

Multivariate optimization makes each advertising dollar more accountable and work harder, making it highly appropriate for the current economic environment. The Widemaile system makes it possible to test multiplke factors and testing levels in a fraction of the time, and with a percentage of the transactional data of traditional systems. The methodology is referred to as Predictive Analytics.

Randy Barney, Director of Site Optimization for Avenue A | Razorfish had this to say: “We’re excited about Widemile’s approach and toolset, which is structured to scale with our business and client needs.” [24×7]

Northwest Shrinks, Please Report to the Holodeck
Beginning next month, psychiatrists at Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle will use 3-D teleconferencing technology to provide services to children over the Net.

The program, which was launched in December with a $375,000 federal grant by Compass Health, an Everett-based nonprofit, is one of the first, if not the first, use of 3-D technology in psychiatry nationally, said Jon Linkous, executive director of the American Telemedicine Association in Washington.

The program, called 3D TelePresence, allows both psychiatrists and their patients to feel as if they are looking into each others eyes. Dr. Bill Crounse, Microsoft’s senior director of worldwide health, wrote about it on his blog. “I think we’re just at the tipping point for what I forecast will be an explosion of these kinds of services … both in the developed and the undeveloped world.” [24×7]

‘Spam King of Seattle’ Soloway Guilty as Sin
The so-called “Spam King,” pleaded guilty on Friday after prosecutors accused him of delivering millions of unwanted junk mail messages to victims across the world.

Robert Alan Soloway, 28, struck a plea deal two weeks before he was scheduled to go to trial in the U.S. District Court in Seattle on a 40-count indictment that included charges of fraud, identity theft and money laundering.

In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to drop all of the ID theft charges and all but one of the spam-related charges.

“I think this is a reasonable resolution to the case,” his Seattle-based attorney, Richard Troberman, told SCMagazineUS.com on Monday. “I think this represents much more closely what Mr. Soloway actually did.”

Soloway – who was arrested last May – ended up admitting to felony mail fraud, fraud related to email, and failure to file a tax return in 2005.

“Soloway has been a long-term nuisance on the internet,” spam-tracking nonprofit The Spamhaus Project wrote on its website. “He has been sending enormous amounts of spam for years, filling mailboxes and mail servers with unsolicited and unwanted junk mail. In addition, he has fraudulently marketed his spam services to others as legitimate ‘opt-in’ services when they were anything but that.” [24×7]

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