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Start the Insanity and Startup Weekend

Stop the Insanity — and the presses. 2008 will mark the return of fitness and weight-loss guru Susan Powter — only this time Powter is not gunning to be the queen of infomercials. She is turning it loose in cyberspace.

Susan has been living on a working farm, exercising and rearing her three sons (ages 10, 24 and 25).
Her website, www.susanpowteronline.com, which officially launches Jan. 1, is already getting several thousand hits daily, she says, with old and new fans checking in. Her pithy message this time around is: Eat, breathe, move and think. One video blog posting shows her in the passenger seat of a car driving around at night, where she says, “You add weights and use the resistance of that added weight and you build the tissue in muscles.”

In addition to her site, Powter has a revised edition of an old book due out in spring titled “The Politics of Stupid,” a set of videos featuring new workouts and lifestyle advice coming early in 2008, and digital workouts available by download later in the year. Powter adds that she’s “in discussions aggressively right now” for a new television show. “We may always need our gurus,” says David Coppel, a clinical and sport psychologist in private practice in Kirkland.” A lot of times it’s picking up on what makes sense to people. And some people need that kick-start, that leader, to move themselves forward.” Powter turned 50 years old on 12.23. Happy birthday, SP! [24×7]

Build a Community and a Company in a Weekend with StartupWeekend.com
Startup Weekend is coming to Seattle January 25-27 2008 at Adobe’s offices in Fremont. The original, creative-on-demand idea and the first Startup Weekend of the new year will take place at Adobe offices in Fremont. This will be the 14th Startup Weekend to take place across the globe according to founder Andrew Hyde who explains there are 7 main areas of expertise that you can sign up for: Design, Developer, PR/ Marketing, Business Development, User Experience, Legal, and/or Project Management. But space for good ideas is going fast. Signup for Seattle Startup weekend while there are still spots available. A small charge, and all costs will go to hosting the local event. But, hey, what’s this startup weekend stuff all about? Seattle startups have been created in the course of a single Happy Hour, and on a cocktail napkin! [24×7]