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FCC’s Last Outpost, Microsoft/SEMPO Alliance

The FCC is coming to Seattle for its final public hearing on Media Consolidation. The hearing, the last of just six across the nation, will take place on Friday, Nov. 9, 4 pm-11 pm at Seattle’s Town Hall. This is your chance to have a say as the FCC prepares to rewrite the rules setting how many TV and radio stations and newspapers one company can own. Learn more about the issues and get ready to speak your piece! Community workshops are planned for those seeking more information and dfiscussion as well as those who wish to prepare two-minute testimony about the importance of locally accountable media, quality journalism, diverse voices or any of the other issues affected by media consolidation. Find more information about FCC Media Ownership Hearing event-related workshops or event news online. [24×7]

Microsoft Creates Education Alliance with SEMPO Institute
Microsoft Corp. and the SEMPO Institute have announced an education alliance in which personnel from 20,000 affiliates of the MSN search engine will have access to SEMPO Institute’s online learning program designed to provide in-depth knowledge of best-practices in search engine marketing.

As part of the new alliance, personnel from the MSN affiliates will be able to take SEMPO Institute’s Fundamentals of Search Marketing class. SEMPO Institute also offers online classes in Advanced Search Engine Optimization and Advanced Search Advertising. Fundamentals consists of 14 lessons intended to give the student a high level understanding of the essentials of search engine marketing.

Since SEMPO Institute launched in early 2007, the student feedback has been very positive – 80% say they would recommend the Fundamentals course. “All companies need the fundamentals of search marketing in order to implement an e-marketing strategy,” says SEMPO President Jeffrey Pruitt. [24×7]

Microsoft Gatineau Analytics Beta Open to US Residents
If you’ve been have been anxiously awaiting the launch of Microsoft’s new Web Analytics suite, named Gatineau, the time is now to now sign up. The sign up form is here and is available only for US subscribers for the time being.

What is the benefits of Gatineau, you ask? Project Gatineau is closely related to Microsoft adCenter – for example, adCenter customers will be able to use their existing account to access Project Gatineau if they choose to use the web analytics service.

But it also a full-fledged web analytics offering with a lot of great reports and tools for measuring your site traffic and understanding your visitors including click and visitor tracking, marketing campaign reporting, conversion tracking, demographic and geographic segmentation, paid and natural search analysis, visitor information including browsers, languages, operating systems and resolutions. You will need to create an adCenter account but you won’t need to buy any advertising – the account can be used for Gatineau only. [24×7]

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