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CyberMonday 2006

Amazon.com was disrupted for about 15 minutes, starting at about 2 p.m. EST Thanksgiving day, as the retailer offered Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console to the first 1,000 customers for $100, $200 below the regular retail price.

The Xbox sold out in 29 seconds, Amazon also sold out of discounted Mongoose mountain bikes, Barbie dolls and Amazon Prime memberships with $100 gift certificates in about 15 minutes.

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Speaking of Cyber Monday, the first Monday following Thanksgiving, a gaggle of deals and coupons can be found at CyberMonday.com [24×7]

Going to Spaceland, Spaceland (not in Memphis, Tennessee) in 3-D!
Microsoft has released an impressive, computer-generated 3-D mapping site known as Spaceland. How can you use Spaceland? Let us count the ways. You can use Spaceland for driving directions, use it for searching desintations, and even find the best commute route with real-time traffic monitoring (you can even use an XBox controller to navigate inside. More on Space Land>>

Expedia.com Offers 10 Tips for Turbulence-Free Holiday Travel
Crowded airplanes, congested freeways and lots of packed gifts in luggage can make the holiday season a stressful time to travel. But it doesn’t have to be the least wonderful time of year. Expedia.com(R), the world’s leading online travel agency, offers advice for making holiday travel a more enjoyable and stress- free experience, with tips for finding the best deals, knowing the least crowded times to fly, getting a hotel room that fits any family on any budget and taking advantage of last-minute travel deals. More Expedia Tips>> [24×7]

Man Beats Machine in RealNetworks’ RealArcade SCRABBLE Man vs. Machine Challenge
To bring attention to its much touted role as the world’s largest publisher of casual games, RealNetworks held a SCRABBLE Man vs. Machine competition in Seattle pitting the 2006 SCRABBLE Open against the game developed by RealNetworks. The human won!

Real crowned Jim Kramer, the National SCRABBLE Open champion, the winner of its Man vs. Machine contest and awarded him $10,000. Kramer lost the first two-out-of-three games and won the second. The tension was high among the crowd, as it seemed that the computer would win the third game, but Kramer pulled ahead and won by a single point on his last play of the game!

Microsoft and Sprint Collaborate on Mobile Search
Microsoft Corp. and Sprint Corp. have announced a strategic alliance through which the companies will develop and deliver a range of service offerings.

The first consumer offering in this collaboration enables Sprint customers to use Windows Live(TM) Search for mobile on their wireless phones to conveniently search location-based content from the Internet, such as nearby stores and restaurants, as well as Sprint’s catalog of ring tones, games, screen savers and related services. The service will also provide new opportunities for targeted local advertising. More on Sprint-Microsoft » [24×7]