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Holiday Insurances

Leave it to a talented E-book writer to make things E-asier to accomplish on T-Day — Thanksgiving dinner that is!

Take Control E-book publishers Adam and Tonya Engst, along with author (and organizational expert) Joe Kissel, have placed a tasty solution to this holiday week — along with all the delicious trimmings — just a single click away online.

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“Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner” gets you organized, helps you figure out what you need to buy, and prevents last-minute problems. Once the shopping is done, follow Joe’s detailed, tested recipes for Thanksgiving dinner: roast turkey with gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry relish, candied sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. The download contains shopping lists you can take to the store, versions of the recipes that you can tape up in your kitchen while cooking, and a customizable schedule. [24×7]

Zune Landing!
Microsoft has officially shipped its Zune digital-media player and thrown open the doors to its new Zune Marketplace digital-music store while also shuttering its MSN Music store.

And there’s still more Microsoft to come. Microsoft Office 2007 hit the Golden Master mark signifying it was ready to ship to manufacturing plants and Windows Vista was “RTMed” (”released to manufacturing”). Vista will make its retail debut Jan. 30, and Office is scheduled for “early 2007.”

Is it any wonder that Microsoft’s shares closed the week above $29 for the first time since November 2004. [24×7]

Farecast – An Airfare Search Engine with Buyer’s Insurance
Farecast, the predictive search engine that uses its trend-spotting smarts to let consumers know when it’s the best time to buy ariline tickets — calculably when prices will be at their lowest — is putting its money where your mouse is.The fledgling Seattle company which is the brainchild of Professor Oren Etzioni of the UW School of Computer Science, and which was formerly known as “Hamlet,” has begun testing a new product called Fare Guard. Fare Guard will refund money to online ticket purchasers in some instances if the company’s air fare predictions turn out to be wrong.

As reported in the P-I, the company will initially limit Fare Guard to tickets when it predicts that prices are going to fall or hold steady over the next seven days. That’s about 30 percent of the 37.8 million predictions offered on the company’s Web site each month, according to Hugh Crean, chief executive of Farecast. However, the concept could be expanded to other predictions next year. [24×7]

Zoo.com is new InfoSpace Search Engine for Children
Bellevue’s InfoSpace Inc., has introduced Zoo.com, a search engine meant to help children aged 8-13 search the Internet while filtering out sexually explicit content.

Like other meta-search services from InfoSpace which compile results from multiple search engines, Zoo.com will consolidate search results from Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia, as well as news results from ABC News, Fox News and Yahoo.

The engine filters the results against a database of more than 50,000 “adult” words and phrases, to reduce the risk of children’s exposure to inappropriate or harmful material on the Web. Content pertaining to guns, violence and unlawful drugs is also filtered. [24×7]