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Election Day Funnies

Seattle’s Filmateria Studios has launched three new media properties that promise to help Democrats and Republicans come together… at least for a laugh or two. On the Blue State Guide site, www.bluestateguide.com, readers can learn about This Date in Blue State History, learn to speak “blue” by using the Blue State “Phrasenator” (sample phrase: Google Alternative Barista), and discover key Blue State reasons for not voting (30%: Pilates class; 12%: line too long at Starbucks).

On the Red State Guide, www.redstateguide.com, readers can check out This Date in Red State History, learn to speak “red” (sample phrase: “Fixin’ to Steadfast Majority”), and play the game “BBQ joint or Strip Club?” (example: “Squealers:” BBQ joint; “Wiggles:” Strip Club). More on Filmateria >> [24×7]

Amazon Launches PPC Ads
Amazon has launched its own sponsored search product for Amazon.com. With the beta launch of Clickriver Ads, Amazon will offer pay-per-click advertising using the “bid + performance” model made popular by Google and soon to be adopted by Yahoo. More on Amazon’s Clickriver >> [24×7]

UW Tied to Zotspot As Search “Earnings” Affiliate
The new ZotSpot search engine claims it is the first to let users and charities reap the riches of Internet Search. And the University of Washington could be one of those beneficiaries. By using Zotspot as their primary search engine, users earn money and also have the option of allocating a portion or all of their earnings to one or more of their favorite charities or universities. More on ZotSpot >>[24×7]

Center for Digital Democracy Scrutinizes adCenter Serving
The Center for Digital Democracy has requested investigation into the Internet industry’s practice of targeting advertisements to Web users based on demographic information and online behavior.

The complaint asserts that companies are deficient in disclosing how they gather and use data about people who visit their sites. It singles out Microsoft Corp.’s advertising system in particular, citing the way the company targets users based on browsing habits and data such as gender, age and location. More on Digital Democracy Inquiry >> [24×7]

GridNetworks New CDS Streams DVD Quality Video
GridNetworks, a two-year-old Seattle startup led by Internet veterans Jeff Payne and Bo Wandell, today plans to unveil a new content delivery service that streams full-screen “DVD-quality” video on behalf of entertainment companies.

Inspired by another Seattle network delivery service — namely BitTorrent — GridNetworks taps the power of individual computer users who download the company’s software to share portions of movies over the network. More on Grid Networks >> [24×7]

All-Star Directories Acquired by Lone Star VC
November 1st, 2006 by seattle24x7
Seattle-based All Star Directories which develops and publishes online educational directories, including All Business Schools, All Criminal Justice Schools and All Nursing Schools, has been acquired by Austin Ventures, an Austin, Texas-based venture capital firm. The acquisition price was not disclosed. More on All-Star Directories >> [24×7]