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Hear! Here! A New Era!

At the just concluded Advertising Week 2006 in New York, Microsoft unveiled a new unified global advertising initiative packaging the full suite of media-enabled products, including Xbox, MSN, Windows Live, Office, Windows Mobile, and Microsoft TV under one advertising solution. More on Microsoft’s Unified Advertising »»

Hear Here: Pluggd Plugs New Voice Search Feature at DEMO Show
Seattle podcast search service Pluggd has introduced a revolutionary Podcast search feature called “Hear Here” that makes it possible to locate content inside of podcasts by concept, rather than keyword. Search for “golf,” and the sections of the podcast related to the subject will be detected through speech recognition and semantic analysis. The results are highlghted in a progress bar with a heat map overlay so you can locate the section and listen in just the right place. More on Hear Here »»

Twenty Five Leading Retailers Partner with Seattle’s Mercent
dd twenty five new customers to Mercent Retail, the on-demand platform that enables marketers to manage online distribution feeds, and promote and sell products across multiple online product marketing channels through a single point of integration.

Mercent’s latest retail customers, including Cutter & Buck, Woolrich, The Right Start, FLAX art & design, Astral Brands, Zaccardi’s, Limoges Jewelry, and Science Kit, will utilize Mercent Retail to manage online sales and merchandising across online shopping portals, affiliate networks, and marketplaces. More on Mercent »»