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Vizrea and Microsoft Hardware

Vizrea Corp. has announced its new, next-generation social network service that lets people share their life from anywhere. With Vizrea, users can now share their photos, videos, blogs and podcasts with friends and family, privately or publicly by mobile phone, PC or the Web. On 3G and other high-speed networks, Vizrea also provides access to PC-based music content on mobile phones — providing a way for users to listen to songs in their digital library anywhere.

Built upon this year’s successful free trial version of Vizrea Snap for camera phone users, the new Vizrea service uniquely combines compelling social network community features with support for the mobile phone, PC and the Web. The Vizrea service is based on a state-of-the-art content platform that allows people to share and organize their content simultaneously. [24×7]

Microsoft’s Newest Keyboards Act more like Remote Controls
Microsoft’s hardware group demonstrated a dozen new and refreshed products for an audience of journalistslast week. A single button on a new keyboard model less than an inch thick launches Windows Media Center for movies, music and other content; media controls; and a wireless connection that works from 30 feet away.

Microsoft also showed mice designed for business travelers with built-in laser pointers and remote presentation controls, and new ergonomic mice designed to feel like a baseball in the hand.

The keyboards take their design cues from Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Vista, due out in January.

The $250 top-end model features high-contrast brushed-aluminum trim and translucent materials that let users see through parts of the product all elements contained in an industrial-design kit.

Some of the new keyboards also have a Vista button, similar to the “start” key on current PC keyboards, that launches a menu of shortcuts, including a search box. [24×7]

Beam Up from Scotty’s Home
Jeff Barr, a software executive with Amazon.com, blogs about the fact that his wife Carmen, a real estate agent, hosted a real estate open house this weekend for Scotty’s place, the Redmond home of the late, great actor James Doohan, aka Scotty of Start Trek fame. Doohan, a longtime Redmond resident, passed away last year. The home, which is located at transporter coordinates 22132 NE 114th Street Redmond, WA 98053, can be viewed here. [24×7]