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Facing the Future with Facebook

Facing the reality that Google had made a grand-slam advertising deal with MySpace, Microsoft went out and did the next best thing —  landed Facebook, the second-largest social networking site on the Web.

Late Tuesday evening, Microsoft announced that Facebook had agreed to allow the software company to provide search and advertising listings to Facebook’s nine million users. The Wall Street Journal reported that the term of the deal was three years.

Microsoft will post banner advertising and sponsored links that should appear on Facebook in the fall. Facebook is also a legitimate test bed, a place where Microsoft can test new technology in a commercial context. [24×7]

Zune, The iPod Adversary
Your looking at Microsoft’s entry to unseat the Apple iPod. Manufactured by Toshiba, the Zune player was revealed in a filing last week with the Federal Communications Commission that included photos and a users’ manual detailing aspects of the upcoming device.

Microsoft has confirmed that Toshiba will be the manufacturer of the device. Among its unique features, the filing explains how the device uses wireless transmissioqn to share content with other Zune users. The unit resembles an iPod with a circular selection wheel but incorporates a taller viewing screen. [24×7]

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Speaking of iPods and other Apple products, including the new Intel-based MacPro workstation, if you are reading this item you are closer than you may realize to an Apple authorized agent and extra value on Apple products.

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Microsoft releases nearly completed Internet Explorer 7.0 Browser
Microsoft Corp.
on Thursday released a near-final version of its new Internet Explorer browser, and the company said it is currently on track to have the final version done by the end of the year.

The debut of Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 contains all the features the company hopes to include in the final product, its first major update for its browser software in years. These include the ability to open multiple “tabs” in the same browser window – a popular function in rival Mozilla’s Firefox browser – plus updated security functions.

The near-final release is aimed at industry professionals and tech experts who may help the company spot last-minute kinks and bugs. Microsoft won’t say how many people have downloaded previous test versions. [24×7]