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The State of Holiday Shopping: eBay Tracks Washington State

4107.1-1While people across the country may share some holiday traditions—from tree lightings and tracking Santa to caroling and Christmas sweaters — our holiday shopping habits are state-specific.

To understand the “state” of holiday shopping in Washington, eBay conducted a local survey exploring how, when and where Washington residents are crossing off their gift and wish lists. This week, eBay released these new findings, revealing the ways they are approaching the spirited shopping season. Stats and infographic below.

1., $541.70 – average amount people plan to spend on holiday gifts

2. 95% say getting a good deal is important

3. 16 – average number of gifts people plan to buy

4. People will spend the most on children ($175.40), significant others ($145.60) and parents ($72.70)

5. 25% describe themselves as a Thoughtful holiday shopper, ahead of thrifty, spontaneous and planned

6. More than one-third (35%) are likely to buy something for themselves – instead of the recipient they had in mind

7.   Nearly one-third (28%) enjoy using a tablet to shop for holiday gifts because it’s more relaxing

8.   One in four (26%) think they’ll purchase holiday gifts on their tablets or smartphones while in bed

9.   Most (35%) plan to do their holiday in the MORNING between 10 – 11AM

10. ]The majority (61%) will consider taking 1 days off from work to get their holiday shopping done

With gift lists piling up and the best value for the buck as a top priority to 95% of shoppers in Washington eBay is looking to help. This holiday season, eBay is offering a series of deals and with 800 million listings at any given time, eBay has something for everyone, no matter your shopping “state.”

The following Infographic illustrates “Evergreen Gifting” in Washington state. [24×7]



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