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Bill and Melinda Gates to Divorce

One year ago this week, Bill and Melinda Gates described the challenges facing the world at a commencement address for the graduating class of 2020:

“For a generation raised on the internet, there is already an understanding of challenges faced by peers in every part of the world,” they wrote. “Whether it’s disease outbreaks, climate change or gender inequality, graduates should be asking themselves how their actions and professional goals will contribute to improving lives for everyone.”

The way they described it was as a matter of personal leadership.

“You can always use your voice and your vote to advance change. You can insist on policies that create a healthier, better future for everyone, everywhere—whether they live down the street or on the other side of the planet.  With your leadership, the world will be stronger than before,” Bill and Melinda Gates said.

Now the world’s most philanthropic couple, a team that has confronted some of the world’s greatest challenges in disease eradication, climate change, education, energy, poverty and more, has found they are unable to surmount the personal challenges they face in their own lives.

The announcement came in a post on Twitter:

Bill and Melinda were married in 1994 after meeting at Microsoft, where Melinda was an associate product manager. In a 2013 interview, they talked about their marriage and work together. They have three children.

The philanthropists said they plan to continue working together on the foundation that bears their name.

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