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Mayor Jenny Durkan Responds to Homeless Challenge

Mayor Durkan reports that thousands of concerned citizens have contacted her in recent days over the issue of homelessness that has pit major city employers against the Seattle City Council on how to fund homeless shelters.

She filed this report:

“The day after the City Council voted to repeal the progressive tax legislation, the Council’s Finance and Neighborhood Committee unanimously passed my legislation to increase the number of bridge housing and shelter units in 90 days by 25 percent, to serve more than 500 additional people every night.

We have too many people living in unimaginable conditions in our city. We must act to move people quickly off the streets and into safer, more stable places, and I’m grateful City Council is urgently moving forward with this legislation.

Once we give people shelter, they’re more likely to access services such as mental health care, hygiene services, and employment support, and then move to permanent housing.

We all have to work together to create more safe places for our neighbors experiencing homelessness, which is why we’re opening City Hall to 120 more people each night to help address this crisis. I remain committed to building regional solutions that bring businesses, labor, philanthropy, neighborhoods and communities to the table.

Now more than ever, we all must roll up our sleeves and tackle this crisis together. These shared solutions must include a continued focus on moving our most vulnerable from the streets, providing needed services, and building more housing as quickly as possible. The state and region must be full partners and contribute to these solutions, because Seattle taxpayers cannot continue to shoulder the majority of costs and impacts.

Please continue to write me at [email protected], reach out via Twitter and Facebook, and stay up-to-date on the work we’re doing for the people of Seattle on my blog.”

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