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Seattle Sex Therapy Comes to the Internet

E-Visits. i-Sessions. Telerehab. Now Meet Tele-Therapy.

LibbyTeleTherapyAs the Internet has become a ubiquitous presence in our daily lives, and new devices appear to attach themselves to our bodies like cyber-appendages, from iPhone earbuds to Google glasses, Bluetooth wristwatches to Wi-Fi tablets, the means for everyday people to communicate with top, health care specialists at the time and place of their choosing, is opening new channels of communication and conversation in the fields of sex therapy and relationship counseling.

Whether through telephone, audio interface or video hangout, be it on Gtalk, IM, Skype or Facetime, the options for singles and couples to enter private counseling sessions online and gain deeply personal advice and insights are wider and more accessible than ever before.

The advances have not gone unnoticed by Dr. Roger Libby, one of Seattle’s most respected and progressive therapists and couples counselors, and one of the most credentialed research fellows and board-certified sexologists on the planet.

At a time when human sexuality issues are exploding around the world, from cultural and religious repression, to LGBT rights, to hypersexuality and Internet pornography, from polyamorous lifestyles to testosterone therapy and E.D. drugs, Dr. Libby’s focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can offer useful answers. The Seattle sex therapist has embarked on a program to take sex therapy out of the conventional therapist’s office and into the sanctuary of the living room, and the bedroom, where people are more free to express themselves.

Until now, it was unlikely that a patient in Layton, Utah, or Blue Springs, Nebraska who confronted a complicated sexual issue could arrange for therapeutic treatment with a certified sex therapist. By connecting therapist and client over the Internet, wherever in the world their phone lines may intersect, “Tele-Therapy” provides a more flexible, convenient and inconspicuous brand of service with the most qualified, professional counselor.

“Sex therapists like Kinsey or Masters & Johnson would marvel at the new means for interpersonal communication to transcend both time and distance and reach people in the environment of their choosing,” advised Dr Libby. “After a few minutes, the technology disappears and the therapist can home-in on the precise diagnosis and treatment of difficult sex-related and interpersonal issues.”

libby_19Dr. Libby has produced a Website at http://www.drrogerlibby.com that features copious amounts of information on various sexual conditions, including free chapters of two of his most recent books, along with a video gallery of “Frequently Asked Questions,”  such as: “What is sex therapy like?” “What is sex-positive sex therapy?” and “What if I’m afraid of getting sex therapy help?”

To find these answers, and learn more about this new brand of Seattle-born “Sex Tele-Therapy,” visit http://www.drrogerlibby.com/tele-therapy-home-online-connection/ or call (206) 244-8788.

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