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People Power: Bing Adds Klout!

Klout CEO, Joe Fernandez

Time to check your personal scorecard! You are no longer just a name record in Bing search results. No, now you are a name and a rather prestigious number. You are a Klout score, tabulated to reflect your special interests, your talents and industry expertise. A new day is dawning.  Personal Rank has begun a climb in the sky to overtake PageRank. And it has your name on it!

Klout scores — the combined measure of a person’s influence across Twitter, Facebook and other social networks — will start show up in the Bing search engine right away thanks to a “strategic investment” by Microsoft.  The initial implementation will show Klout scores for friends in the “People Who Know” section of the right-hand column, alongside other third parties already in there, including Twitter and Quora. Search for a hot topic like “Facebook advertising”, you’ll see people with socially-proven expertise showing up. Mouse over an expert’s name, and their Klout score will appear, along with their Klout-determined areas of expertise.  [24×7]

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