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Recycling Tech from Fremont to the World

Ten years ago Charles Brennick returned from Costa Rica with a desire to help underserved communities around the world gain access to technology and the Internet.  Starting with a handful of volunteers and his laptop, he created InterConnection.  Today, the organization has shipped more than 25,000 computers to organizations in 40 different countries and given technology training to 3,697 volunteers.

In recent months,Interconnection has facilitated local donations and mobilized computer deliveries to Haiti following the earthquake, provided computer access through microcredit in Chile, and furnished computers to underserved communities in Japan, Paraguay, Tonga and other populations on the opposite end of the digital divide.

To keep pace and scale with its thriving reuse program, InterConnection recently opened the Computer Reuse Center in Fremont. The new center allows InterConnection to handle more donations, thereby connecting more people with technology and Internet access around the world.

Interconnection Milestones:

1.      More than 25,000 computers have been successfully shipped to recipients in forty countries

2.      127,984 volunteer hours has been spent supporting the InterConnection cause

3.      3,697 volunteers have received valuable training from InterConnection. All of our volunteers are eligible for a computer after 30 hours.

4.      More than 100,000 computers have been recycled since 2003

5.      Recycled over 3,200,000 pounds of electronics since 2005

6.      Partnered with the largest provider of technology to non profits in the nation, TechSoup.

7.      Provides computers to Microsoft Community Affairs, Peace Corps and World Vision

To learn more or contribute your used technology, visit www.interconnection.org [24×7]