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Two Seattle Startups Featured on Data.Gov

Two Seattle startups, Trash Backwards and Living Voters Guide, are now being featured on Data.gov, a website created by the federal government to make information and digital resources more transparent to its citizens.

Two Seattle-originated software solutions join Seattle Rainwatch in the Counties category as the only web-based applications featured on the Web site, and are a testament to Seattle’s leadership in the budding sustainable, clean, green, conscious marketplace. 



Trash Backwards was part of the initial cohort at the Fledge socially conscious software incubator this summer. Their service provides a curated collection of ideas for reusing items from around our homes.  Paints can can make great organizers. Plastic containers can organize your life. Dryer shets can be reused in at least 50 ways.

You’ll find them all at Trash Backwards, the right way to think and “rethink”  your strategies for recycling.


Try it at http://app.trashbackwards.com


Living Voters Guide was a finalist in the Social Innovation Fast Pitch competition, run by Social Venture Partners Seattle. Their site provides a novel means of discussing and debating the ballot issues. Check it out at  http://wash.livingvotersguide.org/   [24×7]