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Two Women’s World Champions, One in Seattle, One in Japan, Share Medals, Milestones and Web Memento’s after a Devastating Earthquake

Seattle personal injury attorney Betsylew Miale-Gix (in photo, Betsylew is on right) is one of the world’s most admired women when it comes to the sport of boomerang throwing in national and international competition.

A women’s world champion in the sport for ten years, the long time U.S. team member is perhaps most admired by her Japanese protégé and rival. Japan’s Yuko Kondo competed in Betsylew’s gold medal shadow until 2010 when she finally captured the title from the American at the 2010 World Championships in Rome, Italy.

Then, not from out of the skies but from the earth and the seas came the news from across the Pacific Rim. A devastating earthquake and tsunami had turned everyone’s lives upside down. Like the boomerang that always returned back to its thrower, the future rivalry was hanging in the air. Would the two world champions ever face off again? Anxious to learn how Yuko had been affected, Betsylew sent inquires through Japanese team members.

As word began to slowly filter out of Japan, news came from a Japanese team member, Takeshi Honda, who is in the USA attending courses at Seattle  University – Yuko was alive and uninjured, and ready to carry on in the tradition of her American idol.

Shortly before the catastrophe, Yuko had presented Betsylew with a scrapbook of the two of them in world competition photos, as well as of her own powerful throwing techniques and of Betsylew wearing the traditional apparel Yuko presented her as a gift at the World Championships in Rome. Ms. Miale Gix has created a gallery of images from that scrapbook at a new Website she has created.

The Web gallery can be viewed here: http://www.personalinjurylawwa.com/your-recovery-champions/photogallery/ Betsylew greatly appreciates the honor shown her by this splendid gift, and greatly admires and respects Yuko in return for her hard work and great skill.

Like a boomerang of international good will, Seattle’s team members will honor their Japanese counterparts in upcoming competitions this year. As for Betyslew and Yuko, they will take to the skies once again at the next world championship event in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2012. [24×7]

Visit the new Web site of Betsylew Miale-Gix.