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Summit in Seattle: Your Role in Social Media, April 13-15!

Do you qualify to participate in the “healthiest” of all social media networks?

If you work, network, or otherwise link your company with health care delivery of any kind, be it general medicine, hospital administration, medical research, patient care, or health care marketing, media or PR, the time is now to engage!  And you have only a few days left to engage with what Swedish Health Services’ Communications Director Melissa Tizon calls the greatest gathering of social media health care leaders, program designers, practitioners and advisors in health care ever to gather in the Pacific Northwest.

On April 13-15, Seattle will welcome some of the biggest names, minds and far-reaching ideas in the field.  Learn from the doers who are changing the face of health care to reach more people and engage more than ever before. From the American Red Cross to the Mayo Clinic and our own Swedish Medical Center, from Kaiser Pemanante to the world renowned Children’s Hospitals of Boston, Texas, and Seattle to name but a few– and from leading physicians, administrators and consultants to celebrated E-patients, all passionate advocates for making social media a creative tool.

“With our hands-on, pre-conference workshops and two intense training tracks, you will learn how to truly engage with your communities, assemble a cross-disciplinary team, tao your resource network, and distribute ownership of your social media initiatives to everyone inside your organization,” said Tizon.

Presented by Ragan Communications, and co-hosted by Swedish Health Services, the “The Role of Social Media in Engaging Patients, Employees and the Media” will feature two learning tracks. Track One will focus on Internal Communications and Social Media and Track Two covers PR and Marketing.  The practical, how-to conference will take you beyond social media theory to the real-world techniques and methods for actually engaging with those in your social spheres of influence.

Become part of this historic occasion! Join the Who’s Who of Social Media and Health Care in Seattle including:

Jason Golden, the Senior Systems and Operations Lead for the American Red Cross national headquarters Communications department and has been involved in Red Cross communications for 10 years. His day job includes maintaining the national Red Cross chapter database, providing internal communications solutions to the organization and staying on top of the latest technology trends.
Lee Aase, Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. Through the Center for Social Media and the Social Media Health Network, Mayo is accelerating its adoption of social media and helping other health-related organizations get started. Find out how!
Bill Crounse, is an MD and Senior Director, Worldwide Health, for the Microsoft Corp
Claire McCarthy, MD, is a pediatrician with 20 years of primary care and writing experience. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. McCarthy did her residency training at Children’s Hospital Boston and has worked as a primary care pediatrician ever since
Matt Cyr is the Director of Patient and Family Communications at Children’s Hospital Boston. He has helped develop one of the most comprehensive, coordinated and successful hospital social media programs in the country. The hospital’s Thrive blog was named one of the best pediatric health blogs in the U.S. by Parent and Childmagazine in 2009.
Megan Maisel, Associate Director for Internal Communications at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, will share how her team uses these tools to educate, inspire and motivate employees who are Making Cancer History (r).
Bryan Vartabedian, MD, is an assistant professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and attending physician at Texas Children’s Hospital, America’s largest children’s hospital.
Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a blogging and tweeting pediatrician at Seattle Children’s Hospital, will show you how to get your physicians engaged in social media. Swanson takes advantage of social media to communicate to patients, parents and the outside
Melissa Tizon, Swedish Health Services’ Communications Director, will reveal how the largest nonprofit health system serving greater Seattle established a social media strategy before launching its successful program.
Ted Eytan, MD, is board certified in family practice with an interest in patient empowerment and patient-centered health information technology, Ted uses social media to promoteKaiser Permanente’s work and his involvement with health 2.0 and health IT.
Vince Golla will enlighten you about Kaiser Permanente’s use of video in its PR activities, lessons learned and how the team concluded that free is great, cheap is better, but the best solution ultimately is “you’ve gotta spend money to make money.”
Dana Lewis, is the Interactive Marketing Specialist at Swedish Medical Center who created the industry standard for health care chats on Twitter. Internationally known for her work in social media, Dana develops and puts into effect social and digital communication strategies for persons, small groups and organizations. She co-founded the international unconference “Social Health” and serves on the advisory board for the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and the South by Southwest Health track.

For those new to  the field,  Ms. Lewis will run a three-hour, pre-conference Health Care Social Media Boot Camp that demonstrates how communicators use social media in health care, the strategic potential of social media for physicians and health care professionals and the online ROI for health care organizations.

“The caliber of speakers who are joining in makes this one of the most unique and extraordinary conferences of its kind,” said Tizon. “We have people coming from Alaska and Hawaii to attend. For companies located in the Pacific Northwest, it is an opportunity not to be to missed.”

For more information on The Role of Social Media in Engaging Patients, Employees and the Media and to register, visit the event Website or phone 800.878.5331 or 312.960.4100.

Both during and after the conference, follow the developments on Twitter with the hashtag #swedishragan [24×7]