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Seattle Couples to Explore “The High Road” of Life, Love & Divorce

Live Internet event, hosted by King County Collaborative Law, presents author and HuffPost Blogger Monique A. Honaman, Wednesday, March 30th, 5pm

In a region made famous for building online relationships faster than you can say Kiss.comuDate.com, or PerfectMatch.com, today’s social media tools are not all that helpful for couples dealing with marital stress and strain.  For those struggling to keep their marriage and family intact, or for those navigating the path of separation, divorce, divorce with children and parental planning, online solutions are not easy to find.

That was the impetus for writing The High Road Has Less Traffic, a soul-stirring new book by author and Huffington Post blogger Monique A. Honaman. The “roadmap” for navigating the detours of divorce and its effects on kids, homes, finances and careers comes to the Northwest as a streaming, online book event to be held Wednesday, March 30th at 5pm at www.highroadlesstraffic.com/specialevent, on your computer, smartphone or tablet screen where it is being hosted by the King County Collaborative Law Association.

“As a very Web-savvy city, Seattle is the ideal venue to kick off our national online book tour and send the message that divorce does not have to be the end of the line for families or children,” said Honaman. “By taking The High Road, there is a different direction the road can lead.”  Monique will spotlight her own journey and take questions in a live Q&A session and interactive discussion Webcast over the UStream network at 5pm on Thursday, March 30.

The High Road Has Less Traffic, examines the choices that every parent or spouse should consider as a worthy alternative to the costly, time-consuming and emotionally draining travail of adversarial divorce,” said Billie Grissom, a KCCL attorney and moderator of the online event.

“The book has a very human and purposeful message that shares a similar philosophy with Collaborative Family Law.  We are pleased that Monique found the Collaborative model to help set a healthy tone for her divorce process.  And we are happy that she specifically mentioned how she arrived at  this shift in paradigm, ” said Jeff Shushan, an outreach coordinator for King County Collaborative and a Family Therapist, Collaborative divorce Coach and Counselor for Legacy Counseling, Coaching and Training. “Anyone with a computer and a Web browser can join in from the privacy of their home or office.”

Ms. Honaman has tapped the power of the Web to deliver the High Road message, from her Website and Blog to a Facebook profile and a unique Facebook app entitled Sole Mates: If the Relati0nship Fits, Wear It, that lets couples compare different relationship styles  to styles of footwear. The Facebook app was designed by Redmond’s Troutdream Graphics and developed by WindUp Studios of Mount Vernon, Wa.

An archival video of the Webcast will be available for repeat viewing on demand at  KingCountyCollab.org. [24×7]