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New TV Series on MOJO Network Features Seattle Company Earth Class Mail

“Startup Junkies” Takes Audience Behind the Scenes of Entrepreneurial Startup

Earth Class Mail™, a global service that delivers postal mail online, will be the focus of an upcoming new television series called, “Startup Junkies.” The program has just begun production and is scheduled to debut January 2008 on MOJO, one of the most widely distributed high definition television channels.

The new eight-episode documentary series will be presented in high-definition and will center on serial entrepreneur Ron Wiener, founder and CEO of Earth Class Mail. The cast also includes Earth Class Mail employees who’ve worked in multiple startups throughout their careers – classic “Startup Junkies.”

“Imagine if a TV show had captured the exciting early days of the largest household brands,” says Matt Chan, president of Screaming Flea Productions. “We expect the series to be both educational and entertaining – featuring the challenges of fundraising, hiring the right talent and the all-important task of scaling a business.”

Screaming Flea Productions, an award-winning production company based in Seattle, has already begun videotaping the new series. One storyline follows the ups and downs of Series A fundraising activities, including a presentation by Wiener at a Keiretsu Forum angel investor meeting. “Startup Junkies” is the third series produced by Screaming Flea for MOJO, following the very popular “Three Sheets” and the upcoming “Test Drive.”

“The pace of what we have to accomplish with a fraction of the resources available to corporate America is what makes being part of a start-up so exciting,” says Ron Wiener, founder and CEO of Earth Class Mail Corporation. “Serial entrepreneurs are addicted to that feeling of taking a mere idea and turning it into a highly profitable business. We agreed to do ‘Start-up Junkies’ to give others a sense of what it really takes to build a company from scratch.”

The Earth Class Mail online postal service gives customers online access to their postal mail from anywhere in the world, at any time – much like an online PO Box. Customers range from people who travel frequently and mobile workers to snowbirds, expatriates, and entire businesses.

Earth Class Mail receives its customers’ mail each day, scans the outside of the sealed envelopes and presents these images to the customer online. The customer then determines whether to have the mail securely opened and scanned, shredded, recycled, transferred elsewhere, or forward-shipped – similar to how people manage voice mails and emails. Government studies have shown that less than 20% of postal mail gets recycled, but Earth Class Mail customers are already recycling 93% of their mail.

About Earth Class Mail Corporation

Earth Class Mail™ (www.EarthClassMail.com) gives people the ability to access their postal mail online from anywhere in the world. The Earth Class Mail service is used by businesses and individuals in more than 80 countries, similar to an online PO Box. Customers’ mail is sent to an address in one of 18 major U.S. cities, and they receive it online wherever they may be located. Earth Class Mail also manages standardized process mail, such as claim forms, invoices, and checks, more efficiently and cost-effectively than ordinary document management and storage solutions. Earth Class Mail is registered with the United States Postal Service as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency. Founded in 2004, Earth Class Mail operates its mail processing and document archival center near Portland, Oregon. Corporate headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington. [24×7]