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“It’s All Happening Here” in Microsoft The Musical

“It’s All Happening Here” (on the Microsoft campus, that is) in Microsoft The Musical, a well-choreographed song and dance spectacular featuring 150 Microsoft interns and employees that is now showcased on YouTube.

Redmond’s definitely got talent.  And it’s not just technical. The actors who scripted and executed their own Chorus Line this summer may not be Broadway-bound, but they definitely held their own in this off, off, off Broadway production. 

The project found a champion in  Liam McGregor, a data science intern who took up directing and producing the show and adding his energies to the musical’s story book. Kudos to choreographer Swetha Prabakaran who transformed a team of tech workers into a well-synchronized dance troupe, in just eight short weeks.

To follow the lyrical, Eastside Story adventure, grab your Playbill and visit http://genius.com/Microsoft-microsoft-the-musical-lyrics

Substitute Bill Gates for Alexander Hamilton as the man with a history-making vision as you follow the lyrics below:

“Our buddy, Bill, he had a dream That long ago, did seem obscene
But he built a team and picked up steam
Now look what it’s become… because… now…

It’s all happening here
Now it’s so much more than just a dream
It’s all happening here
It may have taken an IV of pure caffeine—
Come see what follows from the personal machine! [24×7[

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