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Labor Day 2012 Traffic Routed Faster Via Kirkland-Coded INRIX®

Labor Day drivers no longer needed to resign themselves to hours in gridlock this holiday.  INRIX Traffic, a free smartphone app, was there to help drivers start and complete their holiday without delay, finding them the fastest routes out of and back to their homes.

Additionally, the INRIX App provided them with traffic forecasts that help drivers time their getaway to beat the traffic as well as get alerts to accidents and other traffic-causing delays to avoid along the way.  Vacationers using INRIX to guide their drives can look forward to more time spent enjoying their time off and less time behind the wheel—a savings that they’ll also see in their pockets, as less money spent on gas burned in traffic means more money to spend having fun.

“Our analysis of Labor Day traffic trends shows the majority of Labor Day travelers leave on Friday afternoon.  But this approach usually costs drivers more time than it saves because of added delays due to heavier than expected traffic,” said INRIX Director of Community Relations Jim Bak.

INRIX Traffic is a free app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone that transforms drivers’ smartphones into their own personal traffic reporter.  The app taps into the world’s largest community of drivers to help travelers save time, fuel and frustration with up-to the minute insight into current traffic conditions for all highways, city streets and other heavily travelled local roads nationwide.

Highly-accurate INRIX Arrival Times, available through the iOS version of INRIX Traffic (and soon to come on other platforms), may be sent ahead along with your selected route to friends and family waiting for you at your destination.

INRIX Traffic is available for download at http://inrixtraffic.com.  A lifetime upgrade to the premium version of the app, offering unlimited saved locations as well as access to traffic cameras (iOS only) is available for $29.99. [24×7]