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Windows 8 OS: View from a Build!

Microsoft  unveiled the new Windows 8 OS yesterday at its annual Build Conference, but you can get the early preview right here. You can install this Developer version  on a 32-bit or a 64-bit x86 machines and activation is not required, but don’t assume there won’t be many changes to come.




A landscape view of devices running Windows 8.

Your personalized lock screen shows you unread emails and other app notifications.   What a Start! See your apps and content all at a glance!   Pick the files you want to send or share from one place.     Touch browsing is fast, fluid and intuitive.   A thumb keyboard is at your fingertips!   \

It’s all about Touch, Convergence and the Integrated OS!  8 Looks Gr8t! Catch you L8ter! [24×7]

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