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Capitol Call Political Activism App Takes the Guesswork Out of Calling Congress

New GPS-Powered Political Action App Provides Users with Federal, State, and Local Representative Contact Information Along with Call Scripts, Contact Lists, and Direct Action Guidance for Current Political Issues.

Capitol Call, a political activism mobile app created to take the guesswork out of direct political action for everyday citizens and provide a tool for grassroots organizers to direct their followers in coordinated action is now available to the public

By enabling their GPS (or manually entering their home address), the app automatically determines a user’s federal, state, and local government representatives, and in turn, provides the user with 1-tap access to call their representation to voice their opinions. And for users who want a little guidance with what to say or to understand who to contact for a specific issue, an Action Center provides a library of current political issues aggregated from sources across the internet; providing call scripts, contact lists, and other ways to get involved (town halls, marches, petitions, donations, social sharing and more).

For organizers and community activists, Capitol Call is a platform for managing direct action campaigns. Using the Action Dashboard, these organizers can create and share their own Action Campaigns – comprised of specific steps to aid the fight for their cause – that appear in the app’s Action Center. This allows volunteers or followers who use the app, to stay informed of current issues relevant to the movement, stay on message, stay coordinated and timely in their actions and also stay engaged.

Founder, Brandon Peterson, started the Capitol Call project the weekend after the inauguration of President Trump, and has worked quickly to develop its technology – launching the beta after one week – and expanding the size of its team to ride the rising wave of activism.


“The mission of Capitol Call is to provide a party agnostic tool to inform, engage, and motivate everyday Americans to direct political action through simple tangible steps,” he said. “Additionally, it aims to provide a solution for organizers to reach and activate people in actions aligned with their causes.”

“Capitol Call is a product of its time, equally inspired from uncertainty and concerns over the election of President Trump along with the mass outpouring of activism that I witnessed following (particularly) the Women’s March. Bearing witness to that uprising of hope, the sense of powerlessness that I held through the inauguration transformed and I was reminded that not only could I, but it was my forgotten duty, to contribute politically. We each contribute in our own unique way and I knew my path was through technology,” said Peterson.

“But I also knew my path wouldn’t be one of just resistance, but also of bridge building. Before I am a member of my political party, I am an American, and it is my belief that there exists enough opportunity in this country for us to all win. For that reason, I wanted much of the platform to be community driven, providing equal empowerment to all non-violent ideas, viewpoints, and activism. And ultimately, I think this openness will give longevity to the idea – longevity that other similar tools will fail to achieve because of their tight political affiliations,” said Peterson.

The app is available for free to users in the USA and is compatible with iOS and Android platforms. It can be downloaded at http://www.capitolcall.org. New features launch every two-to-three weeks and political issue information is updated daily.

The Capitol Call team is continuing to develop its solution to provide creative ways to encourage citizen activism. They are also seeking collaboration with like-minded organizations and contacts who are involved with community activists to empower their movements.

Download Capitol Call  via http://capitolcall.org/[24×7]


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