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The Next Steps for Startup Success: A Book Series from Fledge

When it comes to helping fledgling companies get off the ground, one Seattle social entrepreneur has made a best practice of of helping startups to earn their pilot’s license.  The reality is that nine out of every ten startups will fail to fly far from the nest. What if you could assimilate the steps for successful lift off and become part of the 10% that soar? 

Author Michael “Luni” Libes, a tech pioneer turned educator and the founder of Fledge LLC, the “conscious company” accelerator, has created The Next Step, a series of books designed to guide entrepreneurs step-by-step through the flightplan from raw idea to operational startup and raise the ratio for startup success.

Written for anyone with or without business training or experience, The Next Step provides a simple, understandable path through the stages of business planning. Each stage includes a set of key questions, which when answered, provides the materials needed for a formal business plan and pitch. The book series is available within select partner schools, accelerators, and other entrepreneurship training programs as well as in paperback and Kindle from Amazon.com.



Book 1: Guiding You From Idea to Startup walks you through the key questions to help you build a business plan and pitches for potential investors and customers.  This book provides an overview of the whole process from raw idea to real startup.

Book 2: A Guide to Startup Sales and Marketing guides you through the necessities to build a new brand and the processes required to make your first sale and many sales beyond that.

Book 3: A Guide to Building a Startup Financial Plan takes you from a blank spreadsheet through to a five year financial model, answering the key questions: Will the company every make money?  If so, what will it take to get there?

Book 4: A Guide to Pitching Your Idea walks you slide-by-slide through building and delivering a great investor pitch, telling a great story, and iterating on that story to make it better.

Book 5: The Realities of Funding a Startup covers the whole spectrum of funding options, from bootstrapping to crowd funding to angels and venture capital. The book also provides readers with an understanding of what makes investors invest, and it covers what investors expect after an investment has been closed.

Finally, Book 6: A Guide to Dividing Equity covers the process of splitting equity with your co-founders and initial team members.  This book is for anyone getting ready to launch a business with a team of two or more people.

fledgebirdTogether, The Next Step series is a practical resource providing actionable and specific guidance for every stage of starting a new business.  Preview the books online, or click them below to buy paperbacks or ebooks on Amazon.com. [24×7]