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Donuts To Exceed 100 New gTLDs With May Launches

DonutsInc.Donuts Inc., the world’s largest registry for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), continues its expansion of the Internet’s global addressing system in May by making 13 new gTLDs available to the general public. In addition to the 13 gTLDs slated for general availability, Donuts will make another 16 gTLDs available for early registration by trademark holders.

Donuts made its first domains available to the public on January 29, and will continue weekly rollouts of new domains throughout 2014. Of the more than 630,000 registrations so far in all new gTLDs, Donuts has registered approximately 500,000 of that total, and by the end of May will have launched a total of 119 new gTLDs. Registrations are available fromaccredited registrars worldwide.

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“Each month brings new diversity and choice to Internet users worldwide,” Donuts co-founder and CEO Paul Stahura said. “With over 100 new gTLDs available for registration, businesses, brands, organizations and individuals are taking advantage of unprecedented options for creating, recreating and expanding their online identities.”

The new gTLDs available in May are being made available according to this schedule:

Sunrise availability to trademark holders:

As of May 6:

May 13:

May 20:
.REISEN (German language for “travel”), .TOYS, .UNIVERSITY, .TOWN

May 27:

General availability to any registrant

May 7:

May 14:

May 21:

May 28:
.CONDOS, .PROPERTIES, .MAISON (French language for “home”), .TIENDA (Spanish language for “shop”) [24×7]