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Seattle’s EnergySavvy Offers Households the Green Button to Shrink Their Energy Bills

Responding to President Obama’s call for a strategy to help consumers reduce their energy costs,  nine major utilities and electricity suppliers will commit to providing more than 15 million households access to data about their own energy use with a simple click of an online “Green Button.”  By providing consumers with secure, easy-to-understand information about how they are using energy in their households, the “Green Button” can help them reduce waste and shrink bills.

“Empowering American families to shrink their own utility bills is an important part of this Administration’s all-of-the-above energy strategy,” said Dr. John P. Holdren, Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.  “With new online tools made possible by the Green Button, families will have easy access to information on how they can reduce their energy use and put more money in their pocket.”

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Seattle’s EnergySavvy is excited to be among the companies announcing support for the Green Button initiative today.  EnergySavvy believes Green Button to be  a common language for energy usage information, with the potential to foster new innovation and growth for energy efficiency companies.

What is the Green Button Initiative?

Green Button is an industry-developed, open, voluntary standard for presenting energy usage information. It creates a common language for utilities to use when describing their customers’ energy usage. These utilities will be able to work with any tools that support Green Button to provide the best experience for their customers. Customers of utilities that adopt Green Button will be able to download their data with one click and find a wide variety of tools to get the most of their data and understand their energy usage better (which helps them save money and energy).

EnergySavvy and Green Button

EnergySavvy is already working on support for the Green Button standard. With Green Button, EnergSavvy can make it easier for consumers to understand their energy usage and save money on their utility bills. A single, nationwide open standard for energy usage information means the innovations EnergySavvy creates for one Green Button utility can immediately be translated to any other Green Button utility coast to coast. It will allow us EnergySavvy to deliver new features at a lower cost and with greater flexibility for our customers. All of that means more innovation and more growth for us as a company. [24×7]

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