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SMX Seattle: Optify Delivers Next-Gen SEO Keyword Reporting

Optify, an online marketing software and services provider, announced a new set of advanced keyword reports for SEO at the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Advanced conference in Seattle.

“SEO is a mission critical part of enabling customers to find you, and the rules are always changing,” said Brian Goffman, CEO and co-founder of Optify. “These new features are a direct result of customer requirements. New keyword reports will enable our customers to scale out their global and local SEO efforts throughout their company and measure success with industry leading reporting capabilities.” Optify’s advanced keyword reporting includes the following features:

  • Grouped Keywords: Optify reports enable customers to track and analyze ranking performance and trends on groups of keywords. This feature will allow companies to more quickly and easily measure and share success on unique SEO campaigns, specific SEO focus areas, and identify seasonal changes and opportunities.
  • Competitor Keywords: New formats enable customers to compare keyword ranking performance and trends across market competitors on individual keywords, groups of keywords and keyword campaigns. This feature offers companies a unique view into the SEO efforts of their competitors.
  • Keyword Trends: Trend reports enable customers to identify “movers and shakers” among keywords for themselves and competitors. As a result, marketers can better understand SEO opportunities and threats to immediately capitalize on the ever-evolving SEO landscape.

These latest features reflect Optify’s commitment to providing marketers and publishers with the industry’s most scalable and comprehensive real time marketing solution. Optify’s suite of applications enables customers to increase traffic and leads, convert visitors to customers, and measure and share results.

Optify showcased  the advanced keyword reporting features today at SMX Advanced. Additionally, Erez Barak, VP Products and co-founder, will be presenting Optify’s Real Time Marketing software during a Solution Spotlight on June 7, 2011 at 1:45 pm PDT in the Harbor Dining Room. For more information on SMX Advanced, visithttp://searchmarketingexpo.com/.