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SurveyAnalytics Launches Survey for Obama Whitehouse

The Obama Whitehouse launched a web survey on April 22nd on the Whitehouse Facebook page using a survey system designed and developed by Seattle-based SurveyAnalytics.

“We’re delighted that the Obama Whitehouse has chosen us for this very important role,” proclaimed Vivek Bhaskaran, President and CEO of SurveyAnalytics.

“The Whitehouse has been a client of SurveyAnalytics since 2009. We see the intersection of government, social media and surveys as becoming increasingly important, and this survey proves this. Social media is the new frontier for tapping into public opinion, and our tools are a perfect fit. We’re experiencing a sharp increase in this type of surveying compared to a year or so ago.”

SurveyAnalytics specializes in web survey tools and social media tools oriented to gathering public opinions on any topic. Clients include Microsoft, Roku, Corning Cable and many others covering the spectrum of commercial and government organizations. The SurveyAnalytics platform also includes modules for surveys on iPads and smartphones, QR code survey invitations, Facebook and Twitter integration, online analytics as well as a comprehensive web based interface for survey set up and distribution. [24×7]

Reach SurveyAnalytics via their web page, www.surveyanalytics.com or though our toll free number (800) 326-5570.