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Tapose’ App Taxis for iPad Takeoff Propelled by KickStarter and Boeing Engineers

Is Tapose’, (pronounced like Expose’, but with a Tap up front), the game changing iPad app that will bridge the gap between the iPad’s app-switching home button and true multlitasking “drag and drop” capability on the hot-selling tablet device?  Two Boeing engineers have filed their flight plans and notified Air Traffic Control of their trajectory. They have been cleared for takeoff!

In this case, the propulsion system is not actual jet fuel but the collective contributions of dozens of Kickstarter public followers in the grassroots, crowdsoured funding program that has “invested,” or at least  pledged, upwards of $10 per person. Each individual contribution guarantees, at minimum, that personal investors will get a copy of the software designed to revolutionize Apple’s iOS device, and potentially much more!

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“I love designing airplanes,” says Trapose’ developer Benjamin Monnig about the Boeing “day job” he holds as as a Design Engineer. Monnig has  combined his talents with his partner, a manufacturing engineer. With grassroots investors behind them, each will request a leave of absence from Boeing to complete the programming of Tapose’.

According to Ben, all systems are go. A developer of several iPhone apps,  he has yet to be rejected by the App store even while he realizes that Tapose’ may come the closest to bordering on the coveted Apple interface.  Apple is intensely protective of anything that encroaches on the iPhone, iPad or iPod under the user interface standard.  The team hopes to carve out a niche that is complementary, not competitive, with the Apple ecosystem.

Not only does Tapose bring countless new and amazing functions to the iPad, but it is also stocked with a visually pleasing user interface. Tapose’s design draws users in as its appearance mimics that of a physical book. Additionally, each book and collection accommodates everything a user could need in recording their thoughts in the most creative way possible. Tapose will provide functions such as:

Split Interface Design:

* Drag and drop from Safari
* Drag addresses to Maps for directions
* Drag contacts over collections to share
* Finish calculations without leaving Tapose
* Full screen capabilities
* and much much more

Middle Separation Bar:

* Place images, sticky notes, maps, and more into the middle separation bar which acts as a temporary holder
* Allows easy organization and movement between pages and collections

“With the help of Kickstarter, we hope to create and release Tapose to the tablet world and bring this innovative idea to market for everyone to enjoy,” adds Monnig. The initial goal is to launch Tapose for the iPad, with future releases for other tablet devices. Tapose is targeted to be in the hands of consumers by late summer.

The project that began as a Microsoft-inspired “Courier ” project, in homage to the now defunct dual-screen Courier tablet, prompted the two developers to “ask not what they could for their iPads but what their iPads could do for them.”

The standard iPad convention is one screen, and one app, at a time, even with the current iPad 2 on the market. Trapose’ is out to change that paradigm .  Want to join in the crusade?  Just a $10 contribution will guaranty you a free copy of the product and possibly more than that! Imagine what the investors in Microsoft Office must’ve felt like!  [24×7]

Tapose: http://tapose.tumblr.com/
Kickstarter Project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1561238414/tapose-bringing-the-courier-to-the-ipad
YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az9ogiHMm-k
Screenshot: http://zanther.com/tapose/Tapose_in_action_3.png