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Promoting The Picture of Health in Seattle

Jonathan Schwarz may long be remembered as the president of Sun Microsystems who resigned his post with a Twitter post in the form of a Haiku.

Now Schwartz is a CEO again for Seattle and SFO-based Informed Biometry who aims to improve public health by developing Web-based software for consumers. The Website’s home page promotes the mission: “”Most places on Earth, the Internet is more accessible than electricity, clean water, or basic sanitation. That’s an amazing proliferation, and an outstanding opportunity to apply simple technologies to some of the world’s most pressing problems. We’re setting out to do exactly that, focusing on the intersection of innovation and public health.”

The new company’s co-founder, is Chief Technology Officer Walter Smith, who most recently co-founded Web design firm Jackson Fish Market but earlier worked on Windows, Internet Explorer, and MSN at Microsoft and on the Newton OS at Apple.

While there are already a number of iPhone apps that apply public data to improve users’ health — Informed Biometry talks of taking that approach a global audience.

The company’s Website is www.pictureofhealth.com