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Shopping Online for Wa State Health Insurance: The Right Rx

MyHealthInsuranceWa.com Introduces “Health Plans By Request”

In today’s volatile economic and political climate, it’s hard to know which way to turn when it comes to health insurance for yourself, your family or your self-employed or SMB business. Will decisions made today be obsolete tomorrow?  How much money can be saved by choosing catastrophic coverage over comprehensive plans?  What about the new breed of tax-deductible Flex and Health Savings Accounts?

“Never before have people had more timely questions about their health insurance options,” said Jeff Lindstrom, the founder and chief health plan advisor of My Health Insurance Washington. “We started MyHealthInsuranceWa.com to let people compare the health care plans of multiple Washington state health insurance providers, contrast different coverages and costs, and get answers to questions about individual concerns and conditions that are important in their personal situation. With our new “Health Plans By Request” residents of Washington state can view the Top 3 Picks of My Health Insurance WA that are applicable to most situations, and compare or purchase plans online from the privacy of their own home or office.

By visiting http://www.myhealthinsurancewa.com/plans.html , consumers can choose among health insurance options from LifeWise, Group Health, Regence, and others, and get an instant, at-a-glance view of what they would pay in monthly health insurance premiums depending on their age, smoking status, desired deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, and coverage needs.

For families with children, or those planning on maternity care, the choices are different than for those with children in college, even though the new health insurance laws now allow children to remain part of their parent’s plan until age 26.  “Consumers with children under 19 for instance will definitely want to speak with us before making any changes or purchasing a new plan,” says Lindstrom. “Even with our new ‘Health Plans By Request’ we are still just a phone call away for personal help and guidance.”

The MyHealthInsuranceWa.com Website also hosts its own YouTube Channel where visitors can view informational videos such as “How to Make Health Care Less Expensive,” “Deductibles and Coinsurance in Washington State,” and “What is a Wa State Health Plan PPO?” among other titles. The video channel can also be accessed at http://www.youtube.com/user/MyHealthInsuranceWa

“With health insurance undergoing major changes, getting the right information about differences in plans is crucial,” says Lindstrom.  Make sure you are prepared for the future by looking to MyHealthInsuranceWa.com to see where you could be saving money or improving your coverage. [24×7]