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Professional Assessment & Development Solutions for HR Performance

You need a more robust process for identifying, developing, retaining and coaching executive potential talent within your organization. You are asked to raise the bar on the assessment skills of your Human Resources Managers. You need to create an objective, analytical review process for identifying talent at several levels across the organization. iAdvance Leadership Assessment & Development can help your organization.

With proven global effectiveness, iAdvance is a focused and deeply personalized look into individual strengths and development needs. Use it to evaluate the strengths and development areas of leaders and provide feedback as to which behaviors should be leveraged, and which behaviors need to be modified, and to provide on-going coaching post-assessment to drive accountability. iAdvance is the perfect executive coaching program: we help you focus the talent of your high potential employees and train them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Leadership ROI
You’re asked to facilitate a workshop that cultivates leadership talent within your organization for your most outstanding managers: an executive coaching program that consistently delivers hands-on, applicable skills development that can be put to use immediately. You want to motivate your best and brightest to participate in an organizational off-site that focuses on helping departmental managers find their distinct leadership voice and find the confidence to inspire your organization’s workforce. Where do you go to find such executive coaching?

At the ISHR Group, we don’t design off the shelf courses and we never will. Our executive coaching and leadership development workshops are experiences, rich with immediately applicable content and concepts. Each course is customized to address client-specific needs and adaptable to the needs of the participants. You choose. We adapt. Flexibility is what sets us apart. The Leadership ROI series can be delivered as independent courses or as modules.

How can you assure a high degree of critical thinking, cohesion and collaboration from members of this special task force?

ISHR Group is your HBDI-certified Partner.
The ISHR Group assists organizations to become more whole-brained by administering the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument for individuals, teams, and whole organizations. Practical business applications are then provided for how to use the instrument most effectively to optimize communication, coach and give feedback, lead change, handle conflict and motivate others.

HBDI is a powerful tool that:

  • Improves Communication: Break down barriers, listen better, create a common language
  • Increases Productivity: Maximize the brain power of your team
  • Encourages Innovation: Ignite breakthrough thinking and creativity
  • Enhances Performance: Match mental diversity to specific tasks
  • Assists Management: Understand the implications of the many thinking styles

The ISHR Group can also assist your teams by administering the HBDI Team Package. This is an in¬depth analysis of how a team thinks, processes information and prefers to work. It shows trends and gaps and clarifies the preference of the team as a whole, and where there is a need to think outside the box. For most, the impact is powerful and immediate. Let the ISHR Group implement this extraordinary catalyst for increasing your team effectiveness.

Hr Optin
Research shows that most companies have a need at some point during the course of a calendar year for some additional HR support. That support does not have to come in the form of a full-time, benefitted resource. If you are a business operating leader or a Human Resources professional, join some of the world¹s most respected Fortune 1000 companies and identify a new way to leverage top HR talent on a flexible or project-oriented basis.

HR OptIn offers a full spectrum of HR services so that you can access some of the most highly educated, experienced and energized HR leaders in their field. Our national network of HR professionals focuses on those looking to opt back in¹ to their HR careers by seeking flexible, contract assignments. We can help you find part-time and flex-time consultants to meet your every need.