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At REI we believe that choosing life outdoors brings out the very best in us, individually and collectively; which is why each year we give back nearly 70% of our profits to the outdoor community. The Digital Experience Team (DXT) plays a vital part in enriching this community. 

We are creating the strategic digital experiences that move the needle for the business, inspire and enable people to get outside, and spark culture-shifting conversations about the value of time outdoors.

Big challenge? Yep. But if you’re the right person for this role, that doesn’t scare you. Because you recognize that being a creative leader at REI is not only an opportunity to do engaging, exciting work you’ll be proud to put in your portfolio – it’s a chance to make a real difference in the world.

The ideal candidate has a proven ability to work cross-functionally to lead innovative solutions and articulate the vision which results in highly impactful, efficient, and quality execution. They promote creativity, innovation, and collaborative partnerships and foster a supportive atmosphere that raises the bar for all individuals under their direction. They model and act in accordance with REI’s guiding values and mission.  

Please include a digital portfolio link in your application. 

Bring your passion and expertise

• Excellent ability to communicate strategies and concepts across a large organization. This includes developing systems, technology solutions and giving presentations that leave people with a thorough understanding of marketing strategies, visions, and corporate initiatives. Must have experience presenting to executive management. 

• Must have an ability to clearly convey complex ideas in a simple way.

• Must be a passionate and eloquent advocate for the REI brand.

• Must be able to develop and lead creative solutions that meet REI marketing strategic needs and corporate initiatives.

• Must understand all forms of communication and marketing, and to be conversant in the way they are used to build a successful brand and drive sales results. This should be backed up by 5+ years of experience in a marketing communications field, with demonstrated results in the portfolio.

• 7-10 years years Creative Leadership experience

• 2-5+ years experience managing people

• Must have a refined ability to collaborate across all divisional partners, and to broker compromise and consensus without sacrificing the quality of the solution.

• Must be able to develop and maintain budget requirements for support of all marketing strategies and corporate initiatives.

• Must be able to prioritize which efforts will generate the most return, and to direct the organization accordingly. 

• Must be able to work toward collective goals while still respecting the contributions of the individual. 

• Builds capacity of individuals and teams through effective employee development, involvement, communication, and supervision efforts.

• Creates a strong, mutually supportive work spirit and culture where people can do their best.

• Establishes trust and inspires others.

• Makes effective organization and people decisions in a manner consistent with REI’s values.

Contact:  Apply online.

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Moon on Tech: Cary is a supporter of city-owned municipal broadband and is eager to develop policies that treat broadband as a public utility like water or sewer. However, according to WTIA, it was clear she did not have a full grasp of the market dynamics, the economics, or the regulatory framework in this complex matter. She was quite eager to study the matter further and refine her point of view.

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