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Seattle’s Lively Captures the Live Concert Experience for Fans

Attending a live concert is an amazing experience. Seattle-based Lively (www.getlive.ly) is making it one you’ll never forget. Launched this week, Lively is where bands and fans come together to make the concert experience unforgettable. Through Lively’s technology, live music performances are automatically captured at venues of all sizes and are made immediately available to concert-goers via the Lively app on both iOS and Android platforms.

“The Lively concept came about in response to the overwhelming number of fans we observed at concerts who were attempting to use their phones to capture the experience and memory of a live show and share it with their friends,” said Dean Graziano, founder and CEO of Lively. “Each live show is such a unique performance and an individual experience for each fan; we just saw the need for a better way to capture the experience. We take care of everything for the concert-goer, so they can just relax and enjoy the show. The feedback from the fans, artist, and music community has been amazing! Lively has introduced a new way to deliver a high quality experience for the fans and help drive new incremental revenue and exposure for the bands.”

Here’s how it works: Concert-goers simply download the free Lively app which allows them to purchase the performance they just attended, immediately after the concert for $4.99 for audio or $9.99 for both audio and video. To Lively enable the bands, they simply leverage Lively’s Audio Manager where Lively provides the software applications and technology required for any artist to capture and sell quality audio and video of their shows.

Click the following link to see a demo of the Lively experience: http://vimeo.com/65528593.

“Fans and those of us in the live music industry have been waiting for a solution like Lively for quite some time,” said Alex Kochan, vice president, AEG Live Pacific NW. “Live shows are a unique and special experience, Lively captures the essence of that experience and gives the fans a way to take that specific show home with them. How cool is that? Show up, enjoy the show, no need to try and record it on your iPhone, Lively does it better. There are hundreds of live shows I now wish I had a recording of. Lively is a win-win for everyone – both bands and their fans.”

The Lonely Forest show held May 4th at The Crocodile Café in Seattle represented the first time Lively had officially promoted and sold audio and video content packages. The sold out show of 500 concert-goers, included an addressable smartphone audience of 350. Of those with an Android or iOS device, 228 downloaded the free Lively App resulting in 33 in-app content packages purchased or a nearly 15 percent conversion rate. [24×7]